A wide range of medications exists to reduce pain. More people can live healthy, active lives with the right prescription. Medication therapy management provides a system to ensure this continues. At a quality chronic pain treatment center, a team of healthcare professionals works together to deliver the best therapeutic outcomes.

Who Benefits from Medication Therapy Management?

Medication management is beneficial for a variety of circumstances. Some prescription drugs are confusing and dosing information can seem unclear. Some medications can interact badly with other medicines. As a result, medication management can stave off dangerous situations.

It is safe to take some prescribed medications for extended periods of time. However, other medications should only be taken for a short time. Under those circumstances, confusion around medication for chronic pain can be dangerous.

Participating in a program that helps with managing a prescribed treatment can improve outcomes. Pharmacists and doctors educate patients about their medicines, their health condition and how the medication will help them.

The Effectiveness of Medication Therapy Management

There are many benefits to support the effectiveness of medication management. This is an ideal form of therapy when a person has complex medications. They may receive prescription treatment for multiple disorders from multiple doctors.

Medication therapy management bridges the gap between different doctors and pharmacists. They each play a role in tracking the person’s health, with the result that one medication does not cancel out the other.

It can easily be said that managing medications save lives. Unfortunately, some patients do not follow doctor instructions for taking medications. Consequently, poor medicine oversight can lead to unnecessary deaths.

Misuse of prescription medications is one of the greatest contributors to substance abuse. A person focused on finding relief from pain may become addicted to the medication. Thus, they continue taking the drug long after their condition heals. At this point, finding an appropriate addiction treatment program can be the key to reclaiming your future.

Close monitoring may prevent them from getting to that point. In this manner, medication therapy becomes a form of prevention and recovery support. Additionally, it can help a person take control of how they use medications meant to help them get better.

Services in a Medication Therapy Management Program

Preventing and protecting a person from adverse drug reactions is the overall purpose of managing prescription medicines. The series of services in medication management consists of five core elements. These include:

  1. Review of medicines
  2. Personal medication record
  3. Medication-related action plan
  4. Intervention and referral
  5. Documentation and follow-up

A person participates in one-on-one sessions with a pharmacist or doctor, covering pain management medicines. At the same time, they discuss the process of starting certain medications and how a person should properly use prescription medicines.

Their doctor may also perform a health assessment to determine the medicines’ effectiveness and safety. If necessary, they also discuss changing medicines that are not helping the original condition.

During these sessions, the doctor or pharmacist records information to pass on to other healthcare providers. Consequently, each provider takes an active role in ensuring the person follows health guidelines by properly taking medicines.

Get Help from Pillars Recovery to Manage Your Prescription Medications

Let Pillars Recovery help if you suffer from chronic pain and have difficulty managing prescriptions. Our chronic pain treatment center addresses the source to steer you away from the path of addiction.

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In addition to managing your prescriptions, some of our other treatments and services include:

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