When you begin your addiction recovery journey, it’s important to find a treatment facility that meets your needs. Often, people struggling with substance abuse have triggers in their life that can cause the abuse. Being around these triggers can make recovery very difficult and put an individual at a high risk for relapse. Luckily, Pillars Recovery offers residential treatment programs to help individuals focus their energy on treatment.

What Is Residential Treatment?

In residential treatment, clients live at the facility where they receive treatment. In these residences, clients typically don’t have access to the outside world, allowing them to focus all of their energy on recovery. This also separates individuals from any people or situations that could trigger a relapse.

Residential treatment also surrounds individuals with others who are going through the same struggles. Addiction can be an incredibly isolating disease, so it may seem like you’re all alone on your recovery journey. At Pillars Recovery, our comfortable and inviting atmosphere makes it easy to connect with others and build support networks that you can rely on throughout treatment.

The typical length of stay for a residential treatment program Orange County CA provides is about 30 days. At Pillars Recovery, we require our clients to stay at least this long so that they receive a full continuum of care. Before and during your stay, our team will evaluate your health and progress to determine the ideal duration of your individualized plan.

Benefits of Individualized Programs

Everyone has a unique experience and journey with addiction. Since everyone is different, we also believe in individualizing everyone’s treatment regimens. When it comes to a residential treatment program Orange County CA offers, Pillars Recovery is unmatched in its dedication to personalized care. This means that whether you need a drug and alcohol detox during your stay or you need to transition to an intensive outpatient program after your stay, the professionals at Pillars Recovery will work with you to determine the best path for your recovery journey.

Additionally, this residential treatment program Orange County CA offers has a large variety of substance abuse treatment programs. Regardless of what type of substance you have an addiction to, the Pillars Recovery team has a treatment plan that can help you.

Determining the Right Program for You

At Pillars Recovery, our priority is you. We will meet you where you are on your journey and determine the best treatment plan for you. This residential treatment program Orange County CA offers has a full continuum of care and comprehensive addiction treatment programs. However, it’s not for everyone.

Luckily, we also offer several other programs, including:

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