If you struggle with anxiety, it can stand in the way of beginning your recovery journey. Along with contributing to your addiction, it can amplify any nerves you have about starting treatment. Although you may have many fears surrounding the recovery journey and rehab, it’s important to understand that you’re not alone. With the right support, you can achieve a life of sobriety and mental wellness. That life can happen through the help and healing of anxiety treatment in an addiction rehab center.

About Your Addiction and Anxiety Treatment Needs

anxiety treatment program pillars recoveryIf you suffered from anxiety before addiction or realize you suffer the condition now that your addiction is in full swing, you need anxiety treatment in rehab. This type of condition with both problems is a dual diagnosis disorder. You may feel glad to know that it is a common scenario, one affecting millions of people each year.

Anxiety and addiction often go together. Maybe you did not realize you suffered the mental health problem before substance abuse. Or maybe you did. That does not matter now, but the right anxiety treatment does affect your overall recovery and future.

While abusing drugs or alcohol made your anxiety feel better at first, that only worked for a little while. You soon realized you need more and more of your substances to feel the same effects.

Once caught in this cycle of self-medication, you find yourself unable to stop the drug or alcohol abuse. If you try, your symptoms of withdrawal prove so intense that you cannot break through to sobriety. All of these issues together prove why you need the right help, dual diagnosis anxiety treatment in a California anxiety treatment program.

About Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Your Orange County, California anxiety treatment program starts with a clear assessment of your condition. This assessment taps into the root causes of your addiction, such as anxiety. The caring professionals also take time to understand your physical and mental health history, aside from your substance abuse.

Using what they learn in your assessment, Pillars Recovery addiction treatment specialists build your individualized treatment plan. This plan specifies your dual diagnosis disorder and what you need for a stable, happy and healthy life. It also sets goals for your treatment and recovery, goals you start achieving in detox.

Your treatment plan works like a roadmap through withdrawal, essential therapies and into your new life of sobriety. All you need to do is to follow that map, for the life you want.

Addiction and Anxiety Treatment in Orange County

At Pillars Recovery in Orange County, you receive the addiction and anxiety treatment program help and support you need. This treatment starts with detox and continues through rehab into transitional living.

Deciding whether you need more inclusive residential rehab, a partial hospitalization program, or intensive outpatient treatment is an individual choice. Regardless of which program suits your needs best, you gain access to the right therapies and dual diagnosis care. Programs of Pillars Recovery include:

With your anxiety diagnosis, you need dual diagnosis treatment. Otherwise, your sobriety remains unstable with relapse always looming on the horizon. So get the addiction and anxiety treatment you need at Pillars Recovery in Orange County. Call Pillars Recovery now at 866-790-1930.