“Pillars Recovery was created to be a refuge for recovery in a world stricken by addiction.”

For young men and women, substance abuse can completely derail their lives and prevent them from making progress. When you walk through the doors of Pillars Recovery, you’ll find a center that’s ready to guide young adults on their journeys toward happier, healthier lives.

About Pillars Recovery

addiction treatment programsPillars Recovery provides residential drug and alcohol recovery programs. We offer detox and primary treatment, as well as outpatient aftercare programs. Our homes are located in comfortable, serene settings on the beautiful beaches of Orange County, California. A key feature of Pillars Recovery is that we offer separate locations for men and women. Our men’s residential treatment center is in Newport Beach, while our women’s residential treatment center is located in Laguna Beach.

Our mission is to help everyone who desires to break free from the chains of addiction. As the owners and staff of Pillars Recovery, we were once slaves to our addictions as well. We have all found the freedom that comes with long-term, successful recovery. We want to show you how you can find that freedom, too.

When you speak to any staff member at Pillars Recovery, you’ll learn that our vision is to positively impact the lives of the people who entrust us with their recovery. It is an honor for us to be of service in guiding others to fulfilling lives in long-term recovery.

Our History

We founded Pillars Recovery to help people who want and need recovery; the cost of treatment should not be a barrier to accessing care. We were fed up with turning away people who desperately wanted help, but couldn’t afford it. We do not put a price on human life.

The founders of Pillars Recovery chose to place our treatment centers in luxurious Orange County coastal homes because comfort is essential to recovery. Furthermore, these serene settings remove all distractions from recovery and offer our clients a sunny Southern California lifestyle.

Our compassionate and caring staff provides a blend of evidence-based and state-of-the-art treatment methods. We hope to see every one of our guests experience all the promises that lifelong recovery has to offer.

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Licensed, Accredited Addiction Treatment

We are fully licensed and accredited by the State of California and the Joint Commission. Our caring, compassionate clinical and support staff will make your stay comfortable, educational, and enriching. When you come to Pillars Recovery, you’re joining a family that will encourage and support you throughout your journey.

Pillars Recovery is licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services.

300312AP 02/28/2025

300312GP 06/30/2023

300213HP 07/31/2023

The Joint Commission accreditation

HCI 597434 08/13/2020

Begin Your Journey

At Pillars Recovery, we’re here to guide you on a journey to healing from addiction. Our counselors are ready to work with you to reach your goals. We treat people, not just a disease. Our team members are experts at helping you to identify and heal from the traumas that lead to addiction and relapse. Some of the programs we offer include the following:

  • Comfort detox
  • Triple Diagnosis™
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Partial hospitalization program

When you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, reach out to us. We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions. Call today at 866-782-0247 to learn more about Pillars Recovery and how we can help you achieve a fulfilling, successful life.