The majority of rehab programs offer a co-ed experience to individuals struggling with chemical dependency. However, this setup doesn’t work well for many women. They face unique challenges that may go without treatment in a streamlined setting. For this reason, Pillars Recovery offers a dedicated womens rehab program.

Amenities Create a Welcoming Womens Rehab Program

womens rehab program pillars recoveryWhat sets apart a stay at Pillars Recovery from a standard hospital is the family atmosphere and attention to detail. You want clinical care without a hospital atmosphere. For many women, substance abuse is an outcropping of faulty stress management. Therefore, they need a place to relax first and then heal.

The womens rehab program offers is big on gender-specific comfort. There are intimate settings and spacious rooms. You’ll appreciate the gorgeous views. Recreational opportunities create comforts that make you feel right at home.

Why Enroll in a Gender-Specific Program?

Your path to recovery differs from the one that a man might travel. Society’s expectations, your role within a family unit, and your life’s goals determine challenges and opportunities. A womens rehab program addresses them. Most importantly, it can help you work through recovery by uncovering reasons for using.

Common treatments include:

  • Individual therapy as a way to explore the reasons for substance abuse and opportunities for growth
  • Group therapy that offers nurturing peer support as well as addiction education
  • Psychotherapy that benefits clients with co-occurring mental health disorders such as anxiety or trauma
  • Marriage counseling for program participants with codependency issues or lack of support in the home
  • Art therapy that encourages clients to explore their deepest thoughts and emotions nonverbally

A strong holistic care component rounds out the womens rehab program offers. It includes acupuncture that channels energy to areas in need of physiological healing. Massage therapy is all about relaxation, which leads to good sleep. Sleeping well is half the battle when it comes to handling stress.

For women, stress management looks different from their male counterparts. Therefore, Pillars Recovery focuses parts of its womens rehab program on helping you develop coping mechanisms. They may emphasize the need for self-care, schedule changes, and life skills training. For example, some women need to learn how to say no to added responsibilities or tasks – all without guilt.

A Closer Look at Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Each client undergoes an assessment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Pillars Recovery routinely works with clients at the womens rehab program who are struggling with anxiety or depression. Often, many don’t know they have a mental health disorder and need dual diagnosis treatment.

Many of these disorders respond well to pharmacological management. Once the condition is under control, letting go of addiction becomes easier. After all, you’ve just removed a significant trigger. Besides that, you begin to feel better.

This realization changes your outlook on life as well as your optimism. Small victories now build one upon the next. The nurturing care you undergo at the womens rehab program is precisely what you need. It combines clinical care, evidence-based modalities, and a supportive peer environment.

What Happens If You Don’t Do Anything?

The reality is that addiction a disease that doesn’t get better on its own. Unfortunately, therapists frequently meet women who’ve spent years suffering in silence. But most importantly, they’ve lost relationships and opportunities that they cared about.

Don’t let this happen to you or a woman you love. Pillars Recovery Laguna Beach offers a high-quality womens rehab program that can provide the addiction treatment programs and substance abuse treatment services you need. Finally, don’t continue putting up with a situation that you long to change. Call 866-796-1574 to take the first step to a new you.