How to Navigate Your Divorce

While getting a divorce can be stressful and cause grief, it’s not healthy to maintain a relationship that’s no longer mutually beneficial. Realizing you cannot stay with a partner you originally made a lifetime commitment to is emotionally challenging, but it does not mean you have failed. Sometimes people grow apart and need to separate…

veterans day

Veterans Traumatized by More Than Combat

Before PTSD had an official name and diagnostic criteria, British psychologist Charles Samuel Myers coined the term “shell shock” to summarize the array of symptoms seen in veterans returning home from the battlefields of WWI. Other outdated names for PTSD include “battle fatigue” and “war neurosis.” However, we now know that serving in combat is…

meth toxicity

Methamphetamine Toxicity

Methamphetamine is a fast-acting, potent synthetic stimulant. Even small doses can cause short-term effects like hyperactivity, decreased appetite, irregular heartbeat and elevated blood pressure. Over time, meth use can lead to many potentially severe health risks and complications, including toxicity. The Dangerous Effects of Methamphetamine Meth is different from many other stimulants because dealers manufacture…


September is National Recovery Month

Each September, we celebrate National Recovery Month. This observance serves as a reminder to spread the good word about recovery from substance use disorder—not only is it possible, but it is common. Read on for more information about addiction, treatment, and lifelong recovery. History of National Recovery Month In 1989, the National Substance Abuse and…

alternatives to drinking

Alternatives to Drinking

Everyone needs time to unwind, relieve anxiety and escape from life’s stressors. But if your primary way of doing so is with an alcoholic drink in your hand, this coping mechanism can develop into an addiction. When alcohol becomes a substitute for dealing with complex emotions, drinking can trigger a self-sustaining cycle of increased use.…

fetal alcohol syndrome in adults

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Adults

Expectant mothers who drink alcohol during their pregnancy put their babies at risk of developing fetal alcohol syndrome, an irreversible condition that can cause physical differences and intellectual or cognitive disabilities that may make it difficult to manage daily life. Signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Adults Fetal alcohol syndrome’s severity occurs on a continuum…