opioid replacement therapy

Understanding the Complexities of Opioid Replacement Therapy

The opioid epidemic’s devastating impact has been a challenging issue for communities nationwide, affecting countless lives. With the urgent need for effective treatments, opioid replacement therapy has shown tremendous promise. This approach, part of the broader medication-assisted treatment methodology, seeks to help people break the cycle of addiction by using prescription medications in conjunction with…

what happens during EMDR

What Happens in an EMDR Session?

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is a leading evidence-based therapy. Originally developed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, this method has evolved and broadened its reach, helping people with other mental health challenges reclaim control over their lives. But what can you expect during an EMDR session? How does it channel the power of the human…

overcoming addiction

How to Get Over an Addiction

Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their background, beliefs or social standing. It’s a disease that gradually takes over the mind and body, impacting millions of people around the world. Overcoming the habits and mentality underlying addiction requires commitment, courage and a significant shift in many aspects of your life, including your mindset and coping…

nurse substance abuse

Nurse Substance Abuse

The nursing profession involves high stress, long hours and life-or-death decisions. Many nurses report feeling dissatisfied and underappreciated at work, which may compromise their ability to do their jobs well. Easy access to potent prescription drugs can be a dangerous temptation for nurses, putting them at higher risk of substance abuse and potentially compromising the…


What Are Nitazines?

Two new substances linked with illicit opioid use have been spreading in North America, increasing drug abuse complications and overdoses. “Frankenstein opioids,” or nitazines, are Schedule I drugs increasingly mixed with fentanyl or heroin. Xylazine, which goes by the street name “tranq,” is a veterinary sedative. Many people unknowingly use these substances and become addicted,…

Alcohol Withdrawal

The Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal

Understanding the stages of alcohol withdrawal can be crucial for you or your loved one’s recovery journey. These stages, characterized by different sets of symptoms, can make the process of abstaining from alcohol extremely challenging. In some severe instances, they can even be life-threatening. With a proper understanding of these stages, you’re better equipped to…

women discussing mental health stigma during mental health month

Mental Health Month: Addressing the Stigma

In May 1949, Mental Health America launched Mental Health Month to raise awareness and remind people that we can take positive actions to improve people’s lives. Learn about the negative impacts of stigma related to mental health and how we can educate others and promote change. Understanding Stigma and Its Effects Stigma happens when people…

woman volunteering: one of her favorite alternatives to alcohol

Alternatives to Drinking Alcohol

Life in recovery will sometimes have challenges that can take you by surprise—especially if you’re not prepared with the knowledge you need to navigate those situations successfully. If you have experienced alcohol use disorder, these challenges might include finding alternatives to alcoholic beverages or discovering new ways to spend your time without drinking. Check out…