what is medication assisted treatment

What is Medication Assisted Treatment

It isn’t easy for anyone to recover from addiction. Evidence-based and holistic therapies are vital. However, people  somtimes need extra help. Adding medicines to their treatment plan can improve the effectiveness of therapy and reduce the risk of relapse. Learning about what is medication assisted treatment (MAT) can help people understand its importance. What Is…

is alcoholism genetic

Is Alcoholism Genetic?

Your genes determine your physical and behavioral traits, which come from your parents. Because of that, you might wonder if alcoholism genetic too. Knowing your risk for alcohol use disorder can help you make better decisions about drinking. Is Alcoholism Genetic? Scientific evidence that genes affect the likelihood of alcohol addiction continues to build. Researchers…

benefits of california rehab

Benefits of California Rehab

With leading addiction treatment programs, California rehab centers have a strong case for being the best. Their location gives them faster access to state-of-the-art care and relaxing environments. Knowing the benefits of California rehab might help you choose where to get treatment. California Rehab Locations Whether or not you’re a state resident, going to a…