bipolar and alcohol

Bipolar and Alcohol

Mental and behavioral health problems can affect anyone, regardless of their background or beliefs. Illnesses like bipolar and alcohol use disorder frequently co-occur – a phenomenon called a dual diagnosis. Interactions between these two conditions can significantly worsen the course of both. Though a dual diagnosis can complicate your condition and make it more challenging…

what does mania feel like

What Does Mania Feel Like?

Mania is a condition that causes someone to display a noticeably heightened level of activity, energy and mood. If you’re experiencing a manic episode, you may feel a euphoria that puts you on top of the world. Talking quickly, sleeping very little, being easily distractible and having delusions of grandeur are also symptoms of mania.…

reactive depression

Reactive Depression Explained

While anyone can get sad, anxious and upset in response to unexpected circumstances, these symptoms are usually short-lived. However, if you have trouble adjusting to changes in your life, you might be struggling with reactive depression, also known as situational depression. Learn how this condition might affect you and how to cope. What Is Reactive…

men's health week

Men’s Health Week

Though anyone can develop physical and mental health issues like heart disease, cancer and depression, men are more likely than women to make risky choices, ignore unusual symptoms and fail to take preventive health measures like visiting their doctor for annual screenings. One potential contributor to these problems is the unrealistic cultural norm that men…

when does anxiety become a disorder

When Does Anxiety Become a Disorder?

Everyone experiences anxiety occasionally, and in mild to moderate amounts, it can be beneficial by helping you focus your attention, energy and motivation. However, severe, ongoing anxiety is a genuine mental health disorder and a cause for concern because it leads to irrational fears that are disproportionate to the circumstances at hand. Learn more about…

how to cope with loneliness

How to Cope With Loneliness

Throughout the natural world, many different species of animals instinctively gather in groups, which suggests that belonging evolved for a beneficial reason. As a result, social animals – including humans – become profoundly unhappy when they lack support and connections. Loneliness has become an invisible health crisis in America as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to…