More often than not, addiction co-occurs with another disorder. This could include mental health disorders or chronic pain. By only addressing the addiction, most individuals fail to see the whole picture. At Pillars Recovery, we take a full assessment of your circumstances to determine if you need our dual diagnosis treatment program.

Defining Dual Diagnosis Treatment

dual diagnosis treatment center orange county caDual diagnosis treatment is a program that addresses two co-occurring issues within an individual. Typically, this refers to addiction and mental health disorders. Often, one leads to the other. For example, someone struggling with anxiety may turn to alcohol to relieve the symptoms of their mental health disorder. As they become dependent on this substance, they will develop an addiction.

On the other hand, addiction can also lead to mental health disorders. Certain substances, such as MDMA, can cause the overproduction of chemicals in the brain. As the body becomes dependent on this production, it may fail to produce its own chemicals without the substance. This can eventually lead to higher chances of mental illness.

Treating both a mental health disorder and addiction concurrently is essential. By only treating the addiction, the individual still remains at high risk for relapse. Since many dual diagnosis cases begin due to self-medication, a person may fall victim to relapse if their mental health disorder becomes unmanageable. In a quality dual diagnosis treatment center Orange County CA offers, such as Pillars Recovery, our dual diagnosis treatment staff will help you address both conditions and develop the tools you need to prevent relapse throughout recovery.

Triple Diagnosis

At Pillars Recovery, we offer a Triple Diagnosis treatment program. Unlike other facilities that only focus on mental health and addiction, we also understand the complex issues that individuals with chronic pain face.

The rise of the opioid epidemic is due largely to the inadequate medical attention those with chronic pain received. Instead of looking toward holistic methods or alternative medicines, many doctors prescribed their patients addictive opioids. As patients came to rely on these substances for pain relief, they also developed addictions to them.

Our Pillars Recovery team works hard to address all three issues and all the ways they affect one another. If you struggle with substance addiction, chronic pain, and mental health disorders, then the dual diagnosis treatment center Orange County CA offers at Pillars Recovery can help turn your life around.

Finding the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Orange County CA Can Offer

Pillars Recovery is a comprehensive addiction treatment facility in Orange County, CA with locations in Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. We dedicate ourselves to the individualized and efficient treatment of mental health disorders, addictions, and chronic pain. When you enter our dual diagnosis treatment center, you have several options for recovery, including:

If you’re ready to begin your journey with Pillars Recovery, then call us today at 866-782-0247. Let us show you how we can help you and your family overcome addiction.