Hear From Our Alumni

“Pillars Recovery literally saved my life. I came in with absolutely nothing, broken, homeless, and in the grips of my addiction. From the moment I arrived, staff took me in with love and care.

All I had to my name was a backpack with a shirt in it. Pete, the man in charge, brought me brand new clothes and treated me like I was a human being. The nurses and support staff believed in me when no one else did.

Today, I live a life beyond my wildest dreams, I’m getting married, I had my firstborn son, and work in the field of addiction and am going to school. This is my testimony to anyone seeking help with addiction and would recommend Pillars to start their journey to a new life, just as I did.”

– T.H.


“Before going into treatment, I was in a really bad place physically, mentally, and spiritually, but since then, I am no longer homeless, miserable, or putting myself or others in danger. I communicate with family and friends daily rather than living in complete isolation. I’m getting my life back in order one step/day at a time. I am no longer living in FEAR. I will be forever grateful to have been given the opportunity for recovery, for ALL of Pillars’ hardworking, experienced staff who were some of the most compassionate people I’ve ever known, the support, skills, resources, case management, fellowship, and so much more that they provided me. It is truly a blessing!

This is a dual diagnosis program, so I also received 1:1 therapy (on site) and trauma therapy with an EMDR specialist, which I feel was very important in my recovery. Although I have completed the program, I am still in contact with them because they genuinely care about people.”

– A.L.


“I had the best experience at Pillars. Everyone from the staff, nurses, doctors to the owners were very helpful and great to work with. The amenities are exemplary so that you can take the time there to focus on yourself. Plenty of exercise, personal time to self-review and relax after group sessions and one on one sessions. I truly believe you get out what you put in and pillars gave me so many tools I use every single day. Thank you.”

– A.S.


“Pillars is awesome. The staff are amazing so caring and involved with your recovery. The facilities were better than expected and the locations are gorgeous. You won’t regret coming here.”

– H.H.


“They have a great variety of meetings geared toward educating people about how to live a sober life, as well as fun little excursions. In my tenure, as a group we went to the beach to play volleyball and a trampoline park just to name a few.

They have even given me opportunities to go back and help people who are in the same exact situation I was. I don’t know where I would be without Pillars, it was truthfully one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I hope you make it too.”



“I came for 30 days and stayed 120. The staff went above and beyond! I learned so much from my time there. I now have almost 8 months of sobriety! Thank Pillars!”

– E.D.


“The staff was great and accommodating even when I was at my worst.  You can tell everyone there genuinely cares about you and your future.  Yes, they offer all of the frills of a nicer program like good food and outings, but they deliver where other programs lack. The therapeutic staff is amazing and set me up with a lot of tools that I use to this day to live a quality life. No bogus worksheets and “come back to me later.” It’s all about getting down to the brass tacks. From the first day to your last day, you’re given the attention and staff to help you come out a bigger, better, stronger person.

I am eternally grateful for what this place has done for me.  This last year has been the best year of my life.  If anyone actually spends the time reading this and is considering that enough is enough. You’ve ended up reading the right review, and I would highly recommend that you reach out now. I’m glad that I did, and I wish you the best of luck.”

– S.A.


“I owe my happiness and sobriety to everyone here for what they’ve taught me about how to live.”

– R.B.


“This place went above and beyond. The staff really cares. I end up losing a ton of stuff due to my addiction. They hooked me up with a new wardrobe, suitcase, rides to appointments, all new toiletries.

The staff takes you on outings, feeds you well, provides transportation to some of the best meetings in the entire country.

Words can’t explain the appreciation to everyone at Pillars.”

– S.B.


“A co-worker and great friend of mine helped me get into this program. Stayed in detox then residential then PHP and IOP for the total of 90 days. In 14 years, I have never gotten right up until I came here. What I got out of this was something money can’t even come close to – my health is priceless to me.”

– A.A.


“For me, after a dozen arrests, losing massive amounts of money and opportunities still couldn’t break me of the downward spiral of alcohol abuse, and my options were becoming narrowed down to prison or treatment.

I must admit, I was resistant to begin with, but spending time in a beautiful home with other people with similar problems and the staff at Pillars Recovery helped me to see that there is a whole new life that I am able to live.

The program is based on solid science and features some progressive techniques to help you navigate the recovery process. I won’t say that it is easy to give up substances as a coping mechanism, but the group therapy at Pillars has given me new skills to deal with the painful pull of drugs and alcohol – my former “quick fix” for dealing with emotional pain.

Recovery is an ongoing process, so there is no quick fix to the malady that affects so many people in our society, but if you or someone you care about is suffering from addiction, I highly recommend that you check into Pillars and start on a new path.

I’m now over 1 year sober, and thanks to the staff at Pillars I cannot see myself returning to my former torturous existence. I highly recommend this program and wish you or the person you love good luck in your battle with addiction.”

– J.M.


“Pillars Recovery saved my life. I came to them when I had nowhere else to turn. The staff care and it shows. I wish one of the facilities I came to before Pillars cared as much as they did. Maybe I would have gotten sober sooner. 9 months this week!”

– J.S.