Many people don’t realize that addiction directly affects a person’s physical and mental health. Addiction is the combination of two types of dependencies: physical and psychological. Without proper care and treatment, an individual won’t be able to end their substance abuse. At Pillars Recovery, we offer a comprehensive addiction detox program to help users end their physical dependencies.

What Is an Addiction Detox Program?

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The first step of the addiction treatment journey is addressing the physical dependence that addiction creates. When a person uses a substance, it affects the chemical balance in their brain. For example, opioids like heroin and morphine cause a rush of dopamine in the brain that creates a feeling of euphoria. Not only does this pleasurable feeling cause users to pursue the substances again, but the brain also becomes dependent on these surges of dopamine to function properly.

When this physical dependence to a substance happens, an addiction detox program becomes necessary. Despite popular belief, many drug users cannot simply stop using a substance. Individuals who try to stop substance use without proper medical supervision will experience a range of withdrawal symptoms, including:

  • Fever and sweating
  • Shakiness
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia and anxiety
  • Nausea and vomiting

These flu-like symptoms not only cause discomfort, but they can also adversely affect a person’s physical health. Furthermore, a user often knows that the fastest way to stop these withdrawal symptoms is to use drugs again. However, this relapse is likely to result in an overdose. The best addiction detox center Orange County CA can provide will help individuals overcome detox and withdrawal symptoms without endangering their lives.

The Detox Process

When an individual enters withdrawal, they will meet with an admissions specialist and detox team that helps them evaluate their addiction. Furthermore, after this evaluation, the team will help the individual through the withdrawal process. The detox process will vary depending on the type of substance, the severity of the addiction, the individual’s health, and the addiction detox program itself.

Every facility approaches detox differently. At Pillars Recovery, we want you to consider us your home away from home. Detox is an uncomfortable process, so we work hard to open our doors to you and make your experience as safe and comfortable as possible. In our comfort addiction detox program, you’ll find a unique and individualized experience designed to keep you uplifted and also dedicated to your recovery.

The Best Addiction Detox Center Orange County CA Can Offer

If you’re looking for the addiction detox center Orange County CA residents rely on, then look no further than Pillars Recovery. We’re an innovative addiction treatment facility that dedicates itself to meeting individuals struggling with addiction where they are and helping them meet their goals. Some of the addiction treatment programs we offer to help people achieve this include:

If you’re ready to find out what Pillars Recovery can do for you, then call us today at 866-782-0247.