When people look for heroin detox, they need to keep a few things in mind. Knowing what separates a good detox center from a great one can make the difference between success and failure. It’s important that they look for the best detox centers no matter which drugs they use. However, it’s even more true for heroin, which is very addictive.

Why Do People Need Heroin Detox?

First, people might want to know why they need to look for heroin detox services. After all, detoxing from heroin isn’t typically deadly, so why can’t they just do it at home? While detoxing from heroin isn’t typically deadly, it’s excruciating. In most cases, people never make it through the entire detox process when they try without professional help.

By visiting a heroin detox center, people can have support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They don’t have to worry about relapsing while they’re at the facility because they won’t have access to drugs. Best of all, a detox facility can make them comfortable during the process. Staying comfortable is important during detox from a drug as powerful as heroin.

Find a Detox Center That Also Offers Rehab

People often make a terrible mistake when they try to recover from heroin. They think that their addiction recovery ends with their detox program. In truth, all that heroin detox does is help them bear the withdrawal symptoms that occur when they quit using. It does nothing to help them solve the cause of their addiction.

In order to truly overcome heroin, people have to enroll in a rehab center after detox. With that said, the vast majority of recovery centers only provide one service or the other. The best centers offer both. It’s important for people to look for a heroin detox center that also includes rehab.

Look for People Who Are Knowledgeable About Heroin

The more that people know about a drug, the easier that it is for them to overcome it. For that reason, they should look for detox centers that are knowledgeable about the drugs that they use. In regard to heroin detox, it’s important to look for a place that knows the facts and myths about it.

For example, most people have heard the myth that smoking or snorting heroin is less dangerous than injecting it. No matter how they use the drug, it’s deadly and very addictive. Getting an infection from unclean needles is the only other danger that comes from injecting heroin.

Another myth is that heroin is a drug that only older people use. Years ago, the average heroin user was 30 years of age or older. Now, however, the average age has decreased to young adults. One reason for this shift is because it’s cheaper than most other drugs.

Pillars Recovery Can Help You Detox and Recover From Heroin

At Pillars Recovery, we don’t just help people detox from heroin. Unlike a drug detox center that focuses solely on detox, we offer addiction rehab too. We find that offering both is a great way to help people truly recover from drug abuse.

As a heroin detox center and addiction rehab facility, we offer a wide range of programs. However, these programs alone don’t make our service great. Our friendly and helpful staff make what we do possible. Some of the programs that our staff members use include:

Don’t settle for facilities that only offer rehab or detox services. Let us teach you more about what makes us an excellent choice for heroin detox. Call Pillars Recovery at 866-782-0247 to get detox and rehab in the same location.