Pillars Recovery in Orange County, CA provides a wide array of therapies for young men and women seeking lasting addiction recovery. These therapies take place in residential, PHP and outpatient programs. As part of this treatment, group therapy plays a significant role in your long-term wellness.

Do I Need Group Therapy?

group therapy program group therapy for addiction pillars recoveryWhen you seek help for substance use disorder, you need an individualized treatment plan formed around multiple treatment options. A mix of therapies provides your best results, with each therapy type benefiting you in different ways. One of the most revered methods for successful recovery is group therapy.

Your group therapy program helps you maintain sobriety from your earliest days of recovery, while still in treatment. Your first days of group therapy feel most difficult, as you adjust to being sober and in a new setting. But as you acquaint yourself with group methods and your peers, this type of therapy easily becomes something you enjoy.

What Happens in Group Therapy?

In your group therapy program, your addiction counselor guides the peer group to work common issues. In this safe, confidential environment, you and other group members discuss struggles you face in daily life. Some of these issues relate only to substance abuse and addiction. Others deal with mental health problems, family relationships, socializing, goals and ways of thinking.

Your goal for participation is to develop better insight into your problems. At the same time, you and your peers provide mutual support. Some group therapy program sessions work on their own merit, while others work in conjunction with your individual therapy.

Because of the nature of group therapy for addiction, you attend these sessions frequently. Most programs involve at least one group session each day. On many days, you attend two or more such groups.

In each session, individual participants tell the group their name and something related to their addiction. Through these introductions and deeper explorations of topics, you see how others struggle with sobriety just like you do. Together, you learn new ways of seeing your life and problems. You also learn from others’ successes and mistakes, just as they learn from you.

In group meetings, your ideas are never wrong. But the group and its leader guide each other to open your minds and expand your ways of seeing things. This also helps you see yourself as others see you, providing a new layer of insight into yourself and the world around you.

Group therapy for addiction operates in different ways, according to the group’s goals and focus. Some groups work in a classroom-like setting. Others work through outdoor activities, recreation or experiential methods. Art, music and outdoor challenges provide good options for hands-on group therapy.

Finding Your Place in Group Sessions

You possibly feel shy and alone when entering rehab treatment. But soon, your group sessions at Pillars Recovery in Orange County, CA give you a stronger sense of engagement and belonging among your peers in treatment. You learn some of your most significant life lessons in group therapy for addiction and open doors to a better life in lasting recovery.

Substance abuse treatment program and therapies of Pillars Recovery include:

For your best chance of long-term recovery, take advantage of the group therapy and other treatments available at Pillars Recovery in Orange County. Call Pillars Recovery now at 866-786-0046 for more information about available programs.