Addiction is a family disease, because of its genetic component and how it changes the entire family dynamic. Many communications problems and other dysfunctions exist in families with substance abuse. Family therapy heals these wounds and bridges gaps, repairing relationships and improving understanding and mutual respect.

As you may have experienced firsthand, your family members can make the disease of addiction worse. These issues also keep substance abuse active if you do not seek treatment for your condition’s root causes. Ultimately, succeeding in recovery requires full support and participation from the people who care about you most.

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a group of treatments in which you and your loved ones work together for healing as part of group sessions. Instead of only one person receiving counseling or support, the family approaches their recovery as a unit.

Methods used for these sessions focus on the connection between family members. Family counseling services also work to create positive changes for everyone involved – without assigning blame to anyone.

In the past, people entered substance abuse treatment alone. They lived in isolation from their family, home and community throughout their stay in a residential rehab facility. But times have changed, and experts today realize the value of integrating the whole family into treatment. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institute on Drug Abuse back family therapy, recommending its use in any addiction rehab treatment.

How Does Family Therapy Work? 

A family therapy program provides significant benefits at an affordable price. There are many reasons to attend therapy with your loved ones. Some of these include:

  • Someone in the family has a substance use disorder.
  • The addiction has undermined family relationships.
  • You could benefit from working on your communications skills.
  • Treatment has not worked in the past.
  • Your loved ones have contributed to your addiction with dysfunctional behaviors like enabling and codependency.

When a loved one struggles with addiction, some family members may mistakenly believe they do not need therapy. But everyone can benefit from additional counseling, education, and support. Because no two families are the same, we offer treatment tailored to your unique needs.

A family therapy program complements individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, and residential treatment. At the same time, families attending these sessions show their support for their loved one while asserting the need for change.

To participate in family counseling services, you do not have to be a blood relative to the person in treatment. Anyone near and dear to their heart qualifies for participation, including partners, friends, co-workers, and others who function as part of the individual’s family.

Types of Family Therapy

Family therapy and other treatments we provide at Pillars Recovery in Orange County, CA, can help your entire family heal from substance abuse and addiction. This therapy stops the cycle of addiction in many families each year, enabling healthier generations ahead.

In addition to family counseling services, our proven programs include:

California Family Therapist

Gender-specific treatment at our Laguna Beach and Newport Beach locations give you the focus and peer support you need for long-lasting recovery and ongoing wellness. You can achieve lifelong sobriety, especially when your family participates in counseling with you at Pillars Recovery. Please call us today at 866-786-0046 to rewrite the story of the rest of your life.