When you seek addiction treatment, your family needs some help with recovery at the same time. Addiction is a “family disease,” because of how it runs in families and affects each member differently. Many problems in communication and other dysfunction exist in families with substance abuse. So family therapy heals these wounds and helps bridge gaps in communication, understanding and mutual respect.

According to experts, family issues actually add to addiction problems. These issues also keep substance abuse active, if you do not gain treatment for your condition’s root causes. Your treatment and ultimate recovery sometimes rely on support and participation of your loved ones.

What Is Family Therapy?

family therapy program family counseling services pillars recoveryFamily therapy is a group of treatments for your family, in which you work together for healing as part of group sessions. Instead of one individual being treated through counseling or support, the family approaches their recovery as a unit.

Methods used for these sessions focus on the connection between family members. Family counseling services also work to create positive changes for everyone involved. This takes place without assigning blame to any one member of the family.

In the past, people entered substance abuse treatment alone. They lived in isolation from their family, home and community throughout treatment. But times have changed this, as experts today realize the value of integrating the whole family into treatment.

A family therapy program provides major benefits, yet costs little. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institute on Drug Abuse both back family therapy, recommending its use in any addiction rehab treatment.

Do You Need Family Therapy?

There are many reasons to attend therapy with your loved ones. Some of these include:

  • Someone in the family suffers drug or alcohol addiction
  • Family members suffered because of the substance abuse
  • The family needs improved communication skills
  • Treatment has not worked in the past
  • Your family problems possibly contribute to the addiction

When a loved one suffers addiction, many family members feel the rest of the loved ones do not need therapy. But all families benefit from this counseling, education, and support. Because families are unique, their treatment meets those unique needs.

A family therapy program works well with the rest of your treatment plan when you seek rehab and recovery. It complements individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, and residential treatment. At the same time, families attending these sessions show their support for their loved one in treatment, as much as they assert the need for change.

To participate in family counseling services, you do not have to be a blood relative to the person in treatment. Instead, anyone close to the person being treated qualifies for participation. This includes partners, friends, co-workers and others who function as part of the individual’s family.

Your Whole Family Recovers With You in Family Therapy

A family therapy program and other programs of Pillars Recovery in Orange County, CA help your entire family heal from substance abuse and addiction. This therapy stops the cycle of addiction in many families each year, enabling healthier generations ahead. In addition to family counseling services, programs of Pillars Recovery include:

Gender-specific treatment at Laguna Beach and Newport Beach locations of Pillars Recovery give you the focus and peer support you need for long-lasting recovery. You also gain family therapy and other therapies critical to ongoing wellness. You can achieve lifelong recovery, especially when your family participates in treatment with you at Pillars Recovery. So call Pillars Recovery now at 866-786-0046 for more information about this important treatment.