Millions of people suffer from addiction in the United States. Unfortunately, only a fraction of these people get help for their substance use disorder. Often, people are unaware that their drinking and drug use are actually signs of a chronic disease. Once someone realizes that they need treatment, help is available at high-quality detox and rehab centers.

What Is Substance Use Disorder?

A substance use disorder is a chronic disease. While someone can manage their addiction, they cannot cure it. This type of mental disorder affects the individual’s brain, body, emotions, and behavior. Someone can develop an addiction to substances like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or prescription medications.

Very few people intend to develop a substance use disorder. Often, the individual begins experimenting with drugs at a party or in other social situations. Before long, they are using drugs frequently. They build up a tolerance and need more of the drugs to achieve the same effect.

After someone has an addiction, quitting can be extremely difficult. They may experience uncomfortable or even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Because of this, it is important for individuals to seek help in a substance use disorder treatment program. At a treatment center, medical professionals can supervise and manage withdrawal symptoms so that the client can safely detox from substance abuse.

Signs of an Addiction

The physical signs of a substance use disorder depend on the substance itself. While cocaine might cause increased alertness and nervousness, alcohol can cause slurred speech, balance problems, and aggression. The exact symptoms may vary, but many people will demonstrate similar behaviors as they develop an addiction.

When someone has an addiction, they may feel intense cravings to use the drug. They may use the drug each day and need more of the drug to reach the same effect. Because of the addiction, the individual may not be able to maintain their normal school, work or family responsibilities. They may start hanging out with friends who also use drugs or alcohol.

Even when the individual knows that they have a problem, they keep using the drug. The individual may engage in risky behaviors and do things that they would never do in normal circumstances. Over time, they may stop caring about their appearance, former friends or beloved hobbies. Finding and using drugs takes control of their life.

While substance abuse can be challenging to deal with, people can get help with a substance use disorder treatment program. At a substance abuse treatment center, clients can get a professional diagnosis. Then, an addiction counselor can help the client figure out which detox options and therapies will work best during treatment. Clients can get individualized programs that cater to their unique needs and current situation.

Getting Help Through an Addiction Rehab Center

The hard part is realizing that there is a problem. Once someone recognizes the signs and symptoms of substance use disorder, there are treatment options available that can help. Detox helps clients remove the last chemical remnants of drugs and alcohol from their body. After this occurs, the client can start therapy and other treatments in rehab.

Through the help of the right substance use disorder treatment program, clients can discover different options such as:

No one deserves to live with the lasting pain and guilt of substance abuse. With the right blend of treatment options, you can begin your personal journey toward a better, healthier life. To start your recovery today, call Pillars Recovery at 8667820247.