Addiction is not predictable. No one begins using substances because they expect to develop an addiction. Often, it happens without warning and interferes with a person’s quality of life. Furthermore, not everyone is able to pursue addiction treatment while leaving their obligations behind. To help these individuals, Pillars Recovery offers a comprehensive partial hospitalization program.

How Is a Partial Hospitalization Program Different?

partial hospitalization program php orange county caUnlike a residential treatment program, individuals in a partial hospitalization program do not live at the facility where they’re receiving treatment. Instead, they live at home or in a sober living facility. This allows our clients a degree of freedom while they pursue treatment.

By living at home, clients can continue to be responsible for their obligations. This may include family, schoolwork, jobs, or pets. For busy individuals who can’t afford to remain at a treatment facility 24/7, this PHP Orange County offers may be the perfect solution.

For those interested in getting away from their home environment, they have the option of staying in a sober living home. These homes contain other individuals in recovery and do not allow the use of substances. Therefore, there is no temptation within these residences. Furthermore, clients can practice life skills, such as cooking and cleaning, to help prepare them to reintegrate into everyday life. A partial hospitalization program can also act as an excellent step-down program for someone leaving a residential treatment program.

Treatment Methods at the Best PHP Orange County CA Offers

Clients spend the majority of their days at a PHP Orange County CA offers and only return to their homes at night. During the duration of their treatment, they have the opportunity to engage in a number of treatment modalities and techniques. At Pillars Recovery, we also offer several addiction treatment programs, including:

  • Group therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Holistic chronic pain management

No matter what you suffer from, Pillars Recovery will help you develop an individualized plan that works perfectly for your recovery journey. In a PHP Orange County CA provides, you can get all of the treatment modalities you need while living independently.

Start Your Journey with Pillars Recovery Today

At Pillars Recovery, we’re tired of treatment centers that treat their clients like numbers. At our facility, you’re an individual. We assess your unique circumstances to develop the perfect treatment regimen for you. Whether you need a partial hospitalization program and dual diagnosis treatment or a residential treatment program with chronic pain management, we’ll help you determine the best course of action for your recovery.

Find out what Pillars Recovery can do for you and your family today by calling us at 866-782-0247. Don’t let addiction control your life. Get started on a journey of transformation.