When it comes to opioid detox, there’s a lot that the average person doesn’t know. This lack of understanding is unfortunate since knowledge is one of the best weapons that people have against drugs. In fact, many people never seek medical detox because there are too many unknowns. The more that they know about it, though, the more likely that they are to seek help.

What Is Opioid Detox?

Drug detox isn’t much different, though. People do it in order to rid their bodies of the harmful ingredients that drugs leave behind. On the surface, it might seem like detox is hard. However, the body has the ability to do it naturally.

The only problem is that, with opioids, people have to stop using harmful substances. At this point, they need an opioid detox center to keep them from using more opioids. Meanwhile, the facility strives to maintain their comfort and safety as they experience withdrawal symptoms.

Why Is Detox So Painful?

When people start opioid detox, the first thing that they typically wonder is why it’s so painful. Although detoxing from opioids isn’t typically a life-threatening process, it’s painful enough that they could use drugs again for relief. For that reason, no one should ever attempt to quit opioids cold turkey at home. Instead, they need to seek professional help at an opioid detox center.

Two causes of pain during detox are dehydration and vitamin depletion. Throughout the process, people tend to lose a lot of fluids. The culprits are usually withdrawal symptoms such as sweating and vomiting. The feeling of nausea and vomiting also keeps the body from getting the vitamins that it needs.

When dehydrated, the muscles start to cramp up. Without proper vitamins, the body stops functioning properly. As a result, the body sends pain signals to the brain. However, people can ease the pain when they get enough fluids.

Another reason is that, without the opioids, the brain doesn’t release endorphins as it should. These chemicals naturally block pain and trigger feelings of happiness. While taking opioids, the brain releases an increased amount of endorphins, which leads to addiction. During opioid detox, the brain stops producing the chemicals, so people feel more pain.

The last reason why opioid detox is so painful is psychological. In general, people who abuse drugs don’t want to stop using them, although some of them fear detox. Because of that, they have a lot of anxiety when it comes to a medical detox. The fear and anxiety cause a lot of emotional and mental pain.

Pillars Recovery Can Help You Safely Detox From Opioids

If you need help detoxing from opioids safely, consider contacting Pillars Recovery. We provide detox and rehab services. We want to help you detox and deal with the source of your addiction. Finding an opioid detox center that offers addiction rehab isn’t easy, but we fill the void.

Beyond opioid addiction treatment, we offer programs for other addictions. We can help you with meth, cocaine and alcohol addictions. We even create custom treatment plans that address your specific needs. The programs that we provide include:

Count on Pillars Recovery when you need opioid detox services that you can count on. Remember that the road to drug recovery starts with detox. Find out more when you call us today at 866-782-0247.