Addiction affects a person on every level: physically, mentally, and spiritually. For this reason, treatment must heal the entire person. Pillars Recovery offers comprehensive care that goes beyond 12-Step immersion and clinical modalities. We provide holistic programming for those seeking deep, lasting change. We offer meditation, acupuncture, and recreational therapy for addiction. If you are interested in a path to spiritual rootedness and multidisciplinary healing, Pillars Recovery can help.


Heal Through a Holistic Approach

At Pillars Recovery, we provide several effective programs that combine holistic and traditional methods for addiction recovery. We feel that complementary approaches to reduce pain and stress can be greatly advantageous for those overcoming a substance use disorder. We combine alternative therapies with evidence-based clinical intervention for proven addiction treatment.

We recognize that each client is unique and requires their own program of care. Since our approach is a mixture of 12-Step work, one-on-one therapy, group support, and holistic methods, we create customized treatment plans for each person who walks through our doors.

Learn more about what a holistic approach can offer you (and how it can help you to overcome addiction). Call Pillars Recovery today at 866-788-5865 to learn more about our comprehensive treatment for substance use disorder.