At Pillars Recovery, our top priority is you. We don’t believe in being a treatment center that treats all of their clients like numbers. Every person’s experience with addiction is different, so why should their treatment plans be any different? We carefully design our addiction treatment programs and regimens around each client, giving them the best chance at lasting recovery.

Comprehensive and Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs

addiction treatment programs pillars recoveryAddiction treatment programs are your tools for overcoming addiction. They help you understand the depths of your addiction, how it began, and why you continue to use substances. When you’re struggling with addiction, it may be difficult to see these things clearly. Furthermore, if you have an underlying mental health disorder or chronic pain, your understanding of your circumstances may be even more confusing.

The professionals at Pillars Recovery can help you identify these issues so you know which addiction treatment programs will work best for you. Whether you need a dual diagnosis or another form of treatment, the Pillars Recovery team is ready to develop a plan that’s perfect for you.

Comfortable Atmosphere and Treatment

Detox is one of the first addiction treatment programs you’ll undergo at Pillars Recovery. We understand that this is one of the most difficult processes in the whole addiction treatment journey. Therefore, we offer comfortable homes where our clients can undergo our addiction detox program in a safe and serene environment.

Guests at our Comfort Detox facilities have 24/7 medical supervision and monitoring. Therefore, they never have to worry about being alone during this challenging process. We also offer drug and alcohol detox to help our clients withstand the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms they may face.

Engaging Addiction Therapy Services

At Pillars Recovery, we understand that addiction is a complex disease. It affects multiple parts of a person’s life and can come concurrently with other problems, like codependency, mental illness, and chronic pain. We designed our addiction therapy services to address these issues and help clients build connections with others. The support networks built during recovery can sustain our clients throughout treatment and into their lifelong recovery.

Sustainable Recovery

At Pillars Recovery, we’re invested in your future, not just your present. Therefore, it’s important to us that your recovery journey continues long after you leave rehab. In our addiction treatment programs, our professional treatment teams help you develop the life skills you need to live independently after you leave treatment. This way, you can rest assured that you can prevent relapse without the constant care and supervision of our team.

Let Us Meet You Where You Are

At Pillars Recovery, we want to meet you where you are on your journey and help you achieve sobriety. Whether this is your first time pursuing treatment or your fifth, the specialists at Pillars Recovery will always treat you with the care, respect, and attention that you deserve.

Our beautiful Orange County locations offer several addiction treatment programs to help you along your recovery journey. These high-quality programs include the following:

If you’re ready to begin your journey with Pillars Recovery, then call us today at 866-782-0247.