The media focuses on stigmas women face in daily life, as part of society in the United States. However, men suffer from societal stigmas of being emotionless and unneeding of support. This makes many men hesitant to seek help for their addictions and other life problems. But in a mens rehab program, men break free from these stigmas and get the supportive help they need for a better life.

Treatment in a mens rehab program must provide individualized treatment planning that meets their unique physical, mental, emotional and social needs. This individual treatment is the basis for Pillars Recovery’s mens rehab program. At Pillars Recovery Newport Beach, men find a supportive, safe, and therapeutic place to put addiction and mental health problems behind them for good.

About Mens Rehab Program Treatment

mens rehab program newport beach pillars recoveryMens rehab program treatment starts with you as an individual. When you first enter Pillars Recovery, you go through an assessment of your physical health, mental health, addiction, and other needs. This assessment helps our caring staff learn what you need as part of your individual treatment plan. Your treatment plan forms the direct path to healthy recovery throughout your Pillars Recovery treatment.

Through gender-specific treatment in the mens rehab program trusts, you build a circle of support around yourself from the start of treatment. This circle of support includes your adult male peers in rehab, men seeking the same recovery you seek. You develop friendships with these men for the journey ahead.

In mens rehab program, you do not feel hesitant to ask for help. That is the inherent safety of being in an all-male rehab environment. You suffer no stigmas in treatment and start pulling yourself out of the isolation of your substance abuse. At Pillars Recovery, you join a small community of hope and healing that builds your self-esteem and forges a healthier lifestyle for your future.

Of course, rehab treatment takes work. You must personally invest yourself into your mens rehab program. But doing so is instantly rewarding, helping you fuel greater success from even minor steps forward in detox, rehab, and transitional living.

What Does Mens Rehab Treatment Include?

Your treatment includes a range of therapies and services designed for your greatest strength in recovery. Therapies help you bring an end to past issues, especially those that led you into substance abuse in the first place. You also gain the coping, life, and relapse prevention skills you need for a brighter future without drugs or alcohol.

Pillars Recovery’s mens rehab program treatment includes:

Of course, all of this treatment takes place in an all-male environment. So you feel safe to dig deeply into your problems for true healing and recovery. When you leave Pillars Recovery in Orange County for your new life, you feel prepared, supported, and ready for the brighter journey ahead.

Is Men’s Rehab Right for Me?

The biggest question many people wonder is, “Is men’s rehab right for me?” Men’s rehab suits men from all walks of life who seek strong focus on ending their addiction. When you feel ready for detox and rehab and want the lasting recovery that awaits, mens rehab program treatment is right for you. So call the mens rehab program now at 866-782-0247 to learn more about programs for men ages 21 to 25.