People who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction come from all walks of life. Even those who look successful on the outside may be living a reality that’s far different from the image they present. High-level executives can suffer from substance abuse that they keep well-hidden. They may put off treatment, however, no matter how much they need it because they can’t just walk away from their career obligations. Executive rehab gives them the opportunity to get vital treatment that fits into their demanding lives.

What Is Executive Rehab?

executive rehab center orange county ca pillars recovery centerExecutives rarely have extra time to attend residential rehab, but other issues may present obstacles to treatment as well, such as confidentiality. These busy men and women are successful in their professional lives, and they want to go on appearing that way.

Their jobs often put them under tremendous stress and pressure. When they don’t have effective coping skills, they may turn to substance abuse as an escape. They prefer the privacy and discretion that an executive rehab program offers because maintaining a good reputation in their industry is essential.

Executive rehab usually involves amenities that allow them to continue working or staying connected with their families. This may include computer access and the ability to meet with clients when necessary.

Clients may attend residential treatment if they’re able to. They’ll stay in touch with their workplace via computer and phone access. Or, they may participate in transitional living—or outpatient—treatment, if taking time off from their careers isn’t possible.

Benefits of Executive Rehab

Although millions of Americans struggle with addiction, only a small number seek help for this serious problem. For a CEO or other high-level executive, avoiding treatment due to worry over what will happen to the company while they’re away is a major worry. One of the greatest benefits of rehab that caters to executives is a certain level of freedom that allows them to continue with their business interests.

Men and women in executive rehab programs often enjoy amenities such as:

  • Private rooms
  • Computer and phone access
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Recreational facilities
  • Laundry and cleaning service

These treatment centers understand the desire for privacy that clients have, so facilities are often in secluded settings that ensure confidentiality.

Do You Need an Executive Rehab Center Orange County CA?

No one should put off life-saving addiction treatment because he’s afraid of losing his job. However, business owners and executives do this every day. They know they have a problem, but they can’t walk away from all of their obligations.

An executive rehab center Orange County CA could be the answer you need.

If the pressures and demands of your career are driving you to drug and alcohol abuse, it’s time to get treatment that fits into your life.

We’ll Guide You on Your Amazing Journey to Recovery

Pillars Recovery is the executive rehab center Orange County CA residents are looking for. We’re an addiction treatment center with two locations: Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. We provide individualized substance abuse treatment for young professionals who need a fresh start.

The services we offer include:

Finally, if drugs and alcohol are controlling your life, it’s time you took it back. Call the caring staff at Pillars Recovery to get started on a path to health, healing and lasting sobriety. Contact us today at 866-796-1574 for more information.