Located in Laguna Beach, our women’s treatment center is the height of luxury and comfort in the heart of the art capital of Southern California.

Our addiction treatment center for women at Pillars Recovery Laguna Beach is noted for its picturesque views of rocky cliffs, beaches and coves, and vast offerings of art. Highlights include seven miles of sand and surf, numerous art galleries and seasonal art attractions including the world-renowned Pageant of the Masters.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Laguna Coast Wilderness Park provides a look at some of the last remaining coastal canyons in Southern California and boasts nearly 50 miles of walking and biking trails that lead to expansive scenic vistas.

Our women’s treatment center is luxurious and finely appointed, providing an unparalleled recovery experience. Our women’s home exquisitely removes distractions while you focus on rebuilding your new life.

Some of the amenities of our Pillars Recovery Laguna Beach women’s treatment facility include:

  • Spectacular view of the plunging coastal terrain
  • Spacious and finely appointed living quarters
  • Intimate setting
  • Glass and wooden beam enclosed sitting area
  • Large common area with comfortable couches and upholstered chairs
  • Large flat-screen TV in living room and each bedroom
  • Expansive dining area
  • Laundry services
  • Frequent events and recreational activities
  • Airport pick-up with chaperoned transport to the facility
  • Smoking is allowed

Pillars Recovery Laguna Beach relies on proven practices that have been shown to foster long-term sobriety for women in treatment. We offer an array of addiction treatment programs ranging from an initial assessment and detox to aftercare. We provide individualized care to women who suffer with co-occurring disorders, and have developed a specialized treatment program for women who suffer from chronic pain. To learn more, contact Pillars Recovery today at 866-782-0247