Because everyone’s needs are different, there’s no magic blueprint for the perfect drug rehab program. Still, research and experience have proven some approaches to be more effective than others. One of the best examples is psychotherapy.

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy or counseling, helps people with an array of mental and behavioral health issues, including depression, trauma, and substance use disorders. In working with a therapist, you will learn healthier ways to process complex emotions, which can help you improve your overall well-being.

Psychotherapy for Addiction

Psychotherapy gives you an outlet for coping with life’s challenges. Having a compassionate, nonjudgmental person to talk to can be extremely beneficial for people who typically mute their feelings with drugs and alcohol. Because addiction is so isolating, talk therapy can also make you feel less alone.

Counseling helps because it addresses the root cause of addiction, which is typically a mental health disorder. Nobody starts drinking or using drugs because they want to get addicted. Instead, they hope to escape an underlying problem like trauma or depression.

Unfortunately, many people who struggle with these issues don’t seek professional help. Instead, they self-medicate to feel better. However, the desired effects are only temporary. They must confront and deal with their fundamental challenges to find lasting relief.

Types of Therapy We Use

The country’s leading addiction treatment programs combine proven methods like cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy in a comprehensive approach.

Experiential therapy can also benefit your physical and mental well-being by exposing you to new activities that can become your favorite hobbies. Finding things you love to do is essential for avoiding boredom after you complete your treatment program. Without healthy hobbies to occupy your body and mind, you could be more vulnerable to relapsing if you have too much free time on your hands.

Addiction Psychotherapy at Pillars Recovery

Do you need a psychotherapy treatment program to help you overcome addiction? Only the best rehab centers offer talk therapy. At Pillars Recovery, we understand that individual counseling is an essential part of treatment. For that reason, we provide several types of psychotherapy and other services such as:

  • Residential treatment
  • Group therapy
  • Transitional living
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy

Beyond offering rehab services, we also offer onsite, medically managed detox as a foundational first step in addiction treatment. By getting all traces of drugs and alcohol out of your system, you will be stable enough to focus on and address the source of your problem. With our comprehensive programming, you can overcome addiction from start to finish.

Well-rounded, accredited rehab centers give their clients access to a complete array of therapy services. Find out how psychotherapy can help you overcome addiction and its underlying cause. Reach out to Pillars Recovery today at 866-796-1574 to start your treatment program and journey toward recovery.