Your ultimate success in rehab treatment and recovery comes down to the quality of care you receive. Of course, you must participate and engage in your program fully, for the methods to work. So this partnership of individualized treatment meets your unique needs through a variety of approaches. Among these are individual therapy, the one-on-one counseling where you focus on your own journey into and out of addiction.

About Individual Therapy

individual therapy program individualized care pillars recoveryIndividual therapy meets two primary needs in your rehab treatment. First, it addresses the root causes and effects of your addiction. Second, it provides you with the understanding, tools, and awareness you need to maintain a healthy recovery.

In many ways, addiction is like other medical problems. For these problems, you need professional, individualized care and treatment. But you cannot rely on physical health treatment alone, for a healthy recovery. Instead, you must also treat the mental and emotional aspects of your disease.

In individual therapy, you meet one-on-one with a counselor. You develop trust between you, so you openly discuss the real problems of your substance abuse and other areas of your life. Together, you dig into the deeply buried issues, beliefs or experiences to also uncover why you turned to drugs or alcohol, in the first place. By focusing on these issues, you heal areas of your life that made you take the dark path into addiction.

In these counseling sessions, you gain personal strength. You build your arsenal of tools for fighting relapses, through coping skills, relaxation methods, and relapse prevention techniques.

Also in your individual therapy program, you set short and long-term life goals. Together with your therapist, you learn how to build momentum for reaching these goals. You revel in your successes and learn to rebuild your life in healthier ways.

Individual Therapy and Other Tools for Your Sober Future

Being sober takes work. So in your individual therapy program, you build a solid foundation for your recovery. You work on multiple problem areas that cause friction in everyday life, such as your relationships, belief systems, behavioral patterns and ways of thinking.

Therapy helps you in many ways, perhaps too many to list. Much of this benefit is unique to you in your individualized care. But most people achieve similar benefits, to start. These benefits include:

  • Accepting the nature of your disease
  • Addressing your root causes for addiction
  • Practicing healthy life skills
  • Healing damaged relationships
  • Learning to build healthy relationships
  • Preventing relapse

As much as you learn in individual counseling, other therapies also play a role in healthy recovery. You benefit from a mixed therapeutic approach, including group therapy, family therapy, behavioral therapies, and other methods as part of a complete individual therapy program. You benefit from each of these therapies in unique ways, just as each builds on what you learn in others.

Overall, your goal for rehab treatment is a sober future. You want a better life, and that starts with individual counseling.

Individual, Group and Family Therapy in Orange County Rehab Treatment

In Orange County, California, young adults rebuild their lives after addiction. At Pillars Recovery in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, young women and men receive the individual therapy and other approaches needed for a fresh start.

Programs and therapies of Pillars Recovery include:

At Pillars Recovery, you receive psychotherapy, counseling, and treatments needed for a healthier, happier way of life. Finally, you can put your past substance abuse behind you and look forward to a brighter future. All of this hope and healing starts with individualized care and individual therapy at Pillars Recovery. So call Pillars Recovery now at 866-794-9915 to learn more about available programs.