Holistic treatment is one of the fastest-growing approaches to addiction treatment in the United States. Combined with traditional addiction treatments, holistic programs offer fun and unique approaches for people who need help. While there are many types of holistic programs, one that offers numerous benefits is art therapy. However, what does art offer that people can’t get from traditional therapy?

What Is Art Therapy?

art therapy for addictionBefore getting into the benefits of creating art during addiction treatment, it’s important to understand this form of therapy. As the name suggests, it uses art to heal and motivate people. However, some of them might think that using art to heal comes out of left field.

In truth, art stimulates people in several ways. For example, it can inspire, encourage, and allow them to express emotions. For these reasons, art therapy for addiction has made waves in the health industry. However, to truly understand why it helps, people need to know its benefits.

Improves and Teaches Self-management

When people struggle with addiction, they lose control of their behavior. They feel like they can’t control things around them and they can’t control themselves. Art therapy gives them that control back in a safe and positive way.

Art itself teaches people about balance too. The goal is to help them balance their daily lives so that they can focus on what’s important to them. The discipline that art requires shows them how to develop self-management skills and healthier lifestyles.

Reduces Depression

Art is all about expression, but people who struggle with addiction have a hard time expressing themselves. Art therapy gives them the means to express their feelings and thoughts freely. Often, they learn that when they express themselves, they let go of a lot of negative emotions.

The release of negative feelings is what helps people the most. In fact, it can help them overcome other serious mental illnesses such as depression. Remember that depression is one of the leading causes of addictive behavior. Because of that, finding a way to manage depression effectively is a top priority during rehab.

Improves Communication With Self and Others

Art therapy for addiction is a great way to improve communication skills as well. People who struggle with drug addiction typically have trouble communicating with others. They feel like they can’t accurately convey what they feel and think to family and friends. A common reason is that they have trouble communicating with themselves.

Art helps them talk to themselves and express how they feel. Most of the time, they find it easier to communicate with others through art. Once they learn how to express their emotions to themselves, they can learn how to communicate with others.

Pillars Recovery Provides Art and Other Therapies

At Pillars Recovery, we understand how important art therapy is for treating addiction. For that reason, we offer art therapy for addiction as part of all of our programs. Our goal is to provide the tools that you need to improve your own life and kick the addiction to the curb. We even create custom treatment plans to ensure that we address your specific issues.

Of course, Pillars Recovery offers more than art as treatment. We mix holistic and traditional therapy services to give you the best chance of overcoming addiction. Some of our programs and services include:

Don’t wait to get the help that you need. Find out what art therapy can do for you overcoming addiction. Reach out to Pillars Recovery today at 866-782-0247 to start your customized treatment.