For many individuals, addiction goes far beyond simply choosing to use drugs. There are often several factors involved that prevent them from stopping. One of these factors is the withdrawal symptoms. Without proper withdrawal management, many individuals with addictions will never be able to return to sober, healthy, and productive lives.

The Severity of Addiction

withdrawal management program orange county ca pillars recoveryThe severity of an addiction varies from person-to-person. While some people can use substances recreationally, such as drinking alcohol in social situations, others can’t take these substances lightly. We now know that many genetic and psychological factors go into the development of a person’s addiction.

These factors can drive individuals to have extremely severe and dangerous addictions. They may even move on to stronger substances, such as heroin or meth. When individuals begin using these types of substances, it makes the detox process much more difficult. Without withdrawal management they risk damaging their bodies and resorting to deadly relapses.

What Is Withdrawal Management?

When you begin treatment in a withdrawal management program Orange County CA offers, you may not know what to expect. For some substances, detox is a straightforward process of ending substance abuse and using coping mechanisms to manage withdrawal symptoms. However, this isn’t the case for all substances.

Withdrawal management offers a comfortable, safe, and well-supervised environment where individuals can undergo detox slowly with the aid of detox medications. During withdrawal management, a professional monitors the medication’s use and tapers it off gradually. This taper helps the individual undergo detox at a controlled pace where they don’t feel the withdrawal symptoms as severely. This environment can help prevent relapse and damage to the body.

Do I Need Withdrawal Management?

When you enroll at a facility, such as Pillars Recovery, a detox team will work with you to determine the severity of your addiction and what the proper next steps should be. If you have a severe addiction to substances such as alcohol or benzodiazepines, it’s likely that you’ll need the best withdrawal management program Orange County CA can provide.

Alcohol and benzodiazepines cause severe withdrawal symptoms that require professional medical supervision. Furthermore, these substances have long-lasting withdrawal symptoms. While most substances have a detox period of five days to one week, benzodiazepines and alcohol have residual symptoms for nearly a month. These leaves much more opportunity for relapse due to the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. The only way to successfully and safely detox from these substances is with a supervised withdrawal management program.

Finding the Withdrawal Management Program Orange County CA Residents Trust

If you’re struggling with a severe addiction, then reach out to the professionals at Pillars Recovery. Our team works hard to offer the most innovative and comprehensive care available in the addiction treatment industry. We provide substance abuse treatment and addiction treatment programs, including:

If you’re ready to take the first step of your addiction treatment journey, then let Pillars Recovery be your guide. To learn more about the withdrawal mangement program Orange County CA offers, call us today at 866-782-0247.