Quitting a drug cold turkey may sound like the easiest way to get clean, but it’s not always the safest. People with long-term, severe addiction issues may have to gradually taper off their use instead of abruptly stopping. Heroin users, especially, can have a tough time during detox, which is why some receive Suboxone treatment. Is Suboxone the best way to overcome opioid addiction, and is it safe?

What Is Suboxone?

suboxone treatment program suboxone detoxSuboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine produces milder opioid effects than heroin and other opiates, while naloxone is an opioid antagonist that can block the effects of the drugs. Used alone, naloxone can counter a heroin overdose, but when combined with buprenorphine, the medication known as Suboxone treats opioid dependence.

Suboxone treatment is designed to gradually wean a person off of opioids so that he doesn’t suffer such debilitating withdrawal symptoms. Otherwise, he may be so overcome by cravings that he relapses.

About Suboxone Treatment

Methadone is another medication that some medical professionals use in opioid addiction treatment, but it’s only available from specialized facilities, which aren’t always conveniently located to clients.

Doctors can write a prescription for Suboxone treatment, and users take Suboxone in tablet or film form. Although there exists some abuse potential with Suboxone detox, it’s less than the potentially habit-forming methadone.

It’s not only heroin users who can benefit from a well-administered Suboxone treatment program. The medication can also help people struggling with addiction to prescription painkillers, which are very often opioid medications.

A Suboxone detox isn’t meant to be the sole course of treatment. In addition to this medication-assisted detox, users should participate fully in rehab.

This includes individual, family and group counseling. It may also involve behavioral therapies and holistic treatments. A well-rounded treatment plan that addresses the full spectrum of a client’s health gives each person the best chance at lasting recovery.

Is a Suboxone Treatment Program Right for You?

Breaking an addiction to heroin without having to suffer painful withdrawal symptoms sounds like an ideal way to get clean, but is Suboxone treatment completely safe?

Like any drug, Suboxone has some abuse risks, but they tend to be low. Users may suffer some side effects during Suboxone detox, and they may have to take it for a long while during their recovery. Depending on how long they’re in a Suboxone treatment program, the price of their treatment can be high if their health insurance doesn’t offset much of the cost.

During Suboxone treatment, if users try to abuse any opioids, they won’t get that same high that the drugs usually produce due to the blocking agents in Suboxone. Users should also avoid drugs that can have dangerous interactions with Suboxone, such as alcohol and cocaine.

A Serene Setting to Begin Recovery

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The services we offer include:

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