two people upset because the man cannot decide between addiction and relationships

Addiction and Relationships

Substance abuse, drinking problems, and addiction are family diseases, meaning that they impact more than just the user. Addiction affects more than 10% of Americans, making it somewhat common for addiction and relationships to existing side-by-side. When you struggle with a substance abuse problem, you are more likely to experience domestic violence, conflict, and instability.…

a young woman deciding between vivitrol vs suboxone

Vivitrol Vs Suboxone

Street heroin laced with dangerous additives like fentanyl led to a rash of fatal overdoses, a major reason why unintentional drug overdoses have become the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. With roughly half of all people in recovery experiencing at least one relapse, medication assisted treatments have modernized to offer more…

a man wondering about what are gateway drugs

Gateway Drugs

Drug abuse, addiction, and substance abuse problems often start with experimenting with gateway drugs, recreational drugs, nicotine, and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol all produce intoxicating effects by causing changes to your brain chemistry. Your brain releases excessive amounts of neurotransmitters whenever you use drugs or alcohol. This process can cause a rush of pleasurable emotions,…

woman sits on the couch and contemplates how to stay sober

How to Stay Sober

Now that you have completed your initial treatment program, you will be ready to re-enter your world a completely new person. However, you will notice that the world is just the same. Therefore, all the challenges, triggers, and temptations are all still intact. The good news is that with the help of your family, support…

a woman sits on a couch with a woman counselor in substance abuse counseling

Finding Substance Abuse Counseling in Orange County

Congratulations! You have finally decided to take the first step in battling your addiction to alcohol or drugs. Now the only challenge is finding substance abuse counseling from a trusted provider who can help you with a successful recovery. The right provider will offer a wide range of treatment options so that you can pick…