is alcoholism genetic

Is Alcoholism Genetic?

Your genes determine your physical and behavioral traits, which come from your parents. Because of that, you might wonder if alcoholism genetic too. Knowing your risk for alcohol use disorder can help you make better decisions about drinking. Is Alcoholism Genetic? Scientific evidence that genes affect the likelihood of alcohol addiction continues to build. Researchers…

alcohol and anxiety

Alcohol and Anxiety

Co-occurring disorders are common because the brain becomes vulnerable when it develops one. Two conditions that occur together often are alcohol addiction and anxiety. However, there’s more to their relationship than one developing after the other because the brain is vulnerable. An Alcohol Overview Most people are familiar with alcohol, which includes beer, wine, and…

opioid vs opiate

Opioid vs Opiate

In the medical industry, some people may use one term to refer to two different things. For example, opioids and opiates are drug terms that they often use interchangeably. Despite the similarities, there are differences between an opioid vs opiate. The Differences Between an Opioid vs Opiate The word “opioid” refers to a medication that…

alcohol and depression pillars recovery

Alcohol and Depression

Alcohol is a drug that can cause numerous physical, emotional, and social problems. Depression is a serious mental disorder that also interferes with these aspects of people’s lives. Because of their connection, the combination of alcohol and depression can wreak havoc. However, treatment is available no matter how severe these issues get. Understanding Alcohol As…