Does the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community need special rehab treatment? For those who have experienced hostility and discrimination in the health sector, the answer is yes. Finding LGBT friendly rehab is a great way for them to get the treatment and respect that they deserve. This kind of treatment allows them to recover in a safe space.

Are Members of the LGBT Community at Risk of Substance Abuse?

lgbt friendly rehab centerIn truth, everyone who uses drugs is at risk of developing a substance use disorder. However, some people are more at risk than others. Studies show that people of the LGBT community are at higher risk than those who aren’t.

Experts suspect that one reason is because of discrimination. While people are more open than ever before, some still hold onto old, outdated traditions. As a result, they show hostility toward LGBT community members. The result is a stressful and anxiety-inducing environment.

Because of that, finding an LGBT friendly rehab center is more important than ever. The sooner people get help for drug use, the easier it is for them to overcome drugs. Finding the treatment that addresses their individual needs is the key to them achieving recovery.

Why Choose an LGBT Friendly Rehab?

People gain access to specific benefits when they choose an LGBT friendly rehab facility. Firstly, centers that cater to this demographic work hard to enforce an honest atmosphere. They want people to be completely open about every aspect of their lives. This kind of atmosphere breeds positivity.

When people hide their sexual orientation during rehab, they aren’t completely honest. In order to beat something as complex as addiction, they have to be open and honest with themselves. Hiding something as big as their sexual orientation causes distrust between them and their therapists.

Secondly, an LGBT friendly rehab center is completely open and judgment-free. The staff members aren’t there to judge people about their sexual preferences. Instead, they focus on helping people get the most out of their stay in rehab.

Thirdly, LGBT friendly rehab provides support from peers. While getting the support of any kind is important during rehab, it means more when it comes from like-minded people. As a result, the LGBT community tends to get more out of programs that cater to their demographic.

Last, but not least, the counseling services at such a center cater to the needs of this community. The LGBT members have different needs than those of the heterosexual community. However, one group doesn’t need more help than the other. Simply put, their needs are different, and an LGBT friendly rehab center can address them.

Pillars Recovery Is Here to Help You

At Pillars Recovery, we strive to help as many people as we can to overcome drug addiction. For that reason, we offer treatment for everyone, including those in the LGBT community. As an LGBT friendly rehab facility, we treat people regardless of their sexual orientation. We strive to create customized treatment plans no matter who you are.

In order to offer treatment for all, we strive to have a balanced substance abuse treatment plan in place. Our programs include a wide range of services that make the most out of your stay with us. Some of our programs and services include:

Don’t let fear of judgment keep you from getting the treatment that you need. Learn more about how an LGBT friendly rehab facility can help you. Reach out to Pillars Recovery today at 866-782-0247 to take your first step toward judgment-free recovery.