Mental health issues affect tens of millions of Americans each and every year. While roughly 10% of American adults struggle with a mental health disorder, less than half ultimately seek treatment. Among those who do seek treatment, a large number still have unmet needs. Mental health conditions are difficult to treat without mood disorder treatment because they are chronic and incurable.

Although evidence-based and holistic treatments are highly effective in limiting the severity of mental health symptoms, mental health disorders require management throughout your life. Medications and therapy are utilized during a depression treatment program because they can help alleviate symptoms while providing you with the support and tools you need to learn how to better control your condition.

What are Mood Disorders?

This woman is attending mood disorder treatment.Mood disorders are types of mental health disorders that impact your ability to control your feelings and emotions. Some of the most common mood disorders are:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Major depression disorder
  • Schizoaffective disorder
  • Seasonal affective disorder
  • Cyclothymia
  • Persistent depressive disorder

The main symptom of mood disorders is that they create a series of symptoms that disturb your mood. Symptoms are difficult to control and can cause significant changes to your lifestyle and personality. Severe depression can cause you to isolate from others and miss school, work and social engagements. Bipolar disorder can cause drastic changes in your mood, creating manic and depressive episodes that interfere with your day to day life.

Mood disorders can become disabling without mood disorder treatment. Symptoms may be impossible to control without help. The cause of mood disorders is unknown, but mood disorders can be caused by substance abuse, alcoholism and benzodiazepine addiction. Mood disorders can affect your brain chemistry and cause your brain to produce too many or too few neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitter imbalance can result in depleted or elevated moods.

Mood disorders are incurable, chronic and progressive mental health disorders, meaning that symptoms will always need to be managed. A mood disorder treatment program can provide you with resources and support you need to regain control over your mental health and life.  If the mood disorder is occurring in conjunction with an addiction, you should seek immediate help at a dual diagnosis treatment center in Orange County, CA.

What is Mood Disorder Treatment?

Mood disorder treatment combines evidence-based and holistic treatments to help you learn how to control and manage your symptoms, so you can continue to live your best life. Medications can help rebalance your brain chemistry and alleviate intense symptoms. For symptoms like insomnia or depression, medications can help you gain better control over your daily life.

Mood disorder treatment can occur in inpatient or outpatient settings. Inpatient treatment is best if you have severe symptoms or need a higher level of care. The length of inpatient programs depends on your needs and can be short-term or long-term. Inpatient care allows you to immediately see a psychiatrist and have regular contact with mental health treatment professionals.

Therapy, such as dialectic and cognitive behavioral therapy, helps you identify and change negative thoughts, feelings and behavior. Therapy can also help you learn that you are able to control your emotions and actions, which can be very empowering during the recovery process. Outpatient programs can include individual, family and group counseling. Outpatient programs vary in intensity, ranging from daily meetings to less time-intensive programs.  For example, we offer both a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program in Orange County, CA.

Finding Treatment Today

Battling a mood disorder or mental health problem can become overwhelming, stressful and frustrating. A mood disorder treatment program can help you learn how to better control your symptoms and help you re-stabilize your mental health. Pillars Recovery, the leading mood disorder and depression treatment program in California, provides you with the support, compassion, and expertise you need to recover.  We offer numerous programs designed to help you refocus your energy and channel it in self-positive ways.  Our programs include:

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