Addiction can consume many parts of a person’s life and feel extremely isolating. Often, one of the only companions a person with an addiction has left is their pet. Animal companions provide unconditional affection and support for their owners. Because of this powerful bond between pet and owner, Pillars Recovery is happy to offer a pet therapy program at each of our levels of care.

What Is a Pet Therapy Program?

pet therapy addiction treatment pet therapy programPillars Recovery allows clients to bring their pets with them to recovery. Animals often provide a level of support that many humans can’t match. No matter your condition, your pet will love you without any judgment. Because of this, they create a sense of calm that is essential for recovery.

Leaving your pet at home during treatment can be stressful, especially if you don’t have someone trustworthy to look after them. During treatment, your furry companion can stay with you for support, but also so you have peace of mind about their well-being. Many treatment facilities don’t allow animals, but Pillars Recovery recognizes the unmatchable and positive benefits that pets can have on a successful rehab experience.

Benefits Of Having a Pet in Rehab

There are several benefits to a pet therapy addiction treatment program. In addition to companionship and unconditional support, there are many proven health benefits to a pet therapy program. Firstly, animal companionship is known to lower stress levels and increase immune function. Physical health aspects are essential to recovery, so staying healthy via a pet therapy addiction treatment program can promote overall recovery success.

Furthermore, many individuals may struggle to reconnect with loved ones or make new friends after developing an addiction. Caring for an animal in a pet therapy addiction treatment program can increase empathy and compassion, which can translate into facilitating relationships with others. Additionally, pets can serve as an icebreaker or point of commonality for getting to know others.

Developing empathy for others can also increase self-care during a pet therapy program. A pet is a faithful companion, but these creatures ultimately rely on you to survive. Animal companions cannot survive if their owner isn’t in good health. Therefore, those in recovery need to work on maintaining their own health and achieving sobriety, so they have the strength to care for their pets.

Finally, animals can act as a form of relapse prevention. Part of relapse prevention planning is finding ways to distract yourself from cravings or cope with emotions that can trigger substance abuse. Playing with and caring for your companion can serve as the distraction that many people need during a pet therapy program.

Also, many service animals can receive training to sense panic attacks before they occur. If a person struggles with anxiety or panic disorders, a service animal can recognize the attack. They can also help them calm down before they turn to substance abuse.

Pet Therapy Addiction Treatment Program at Pillars Recovery

Pillars Recovery is an addiction treatment facility in Orange County, California that offers comprehensive addiction therapy services. Our pet therapy program is just one of the many substance abuse treatment modalities we offer. Some of our other programs include:

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