Suspecting bipolar disorder is enough reason to seek help right away. The earlier this mental illness is caught, the better a person’s chances of getting better. Bipolar disorder treatment programs provide an opportunity for living a free and productive life.

An experienced mental health professional makes a diagnosis to start the person on their path to recovery. Finding the right combination of treatments and therapies may take some time. Unquestionably, finding treatment for co-occurring disorders can change lives. It is time well spent to help a person get and stay well.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder Treatment

female patient helped by treatment professional during bipolar disorder treatment programBipolar disorder is a lifelong condition with unpredictable major ups and downs. Recurring manic and depressive episodes are devastating. Once these episodes begin, each occurrence makes it more difficult to lead a productive and stable life.

First, a manic phase occurs and a person becomes hyperactive and irresponsible. Next, their behavior switches to a depressive phase, where they have a hard time doing anything at all. Once these episodes appear, participation in a bipolar disorder treatment program can help a person avoid these problems.

They get the most out of treatment by understanding this illness. Open communication with doctors and therapists, along with a strong support system, makes treatment a successful experience. A co-occurring disorder describes when an individual suffers from a mental health disorder as well as a substance addiction. For this purpose, finding an addiction treatment program that can handle both aspects is key.

What Makes Bipolar Disorder Treatment Effective?

Bipolar disorder is a long-term, chronic condition. Yet, there are many treatment options to help a person return to a sense of normalcy. Effective bipolar disorder treatment reduces the intensity of constant mood swings. It helps relieve symptoms so a person can function.

A person may think they do not need to continue with a treatment plan during the manic phase. They stop until the depressive phase hits, making them want to return to treatment. Sticking to the plan consistently is crucial. Most importantly, during care, their doctor will reassess and make changes as necessary.

Recovering from this mental illness does not happen overnight. No sooner than progress is made, setbacks may occur. Above all, remember that finding the right combination of medication and therapies is a delicate process. However, careful management and staying committed to getting better can get symptoms under control.

Comprehensive Bipolar Disorder Treatment Options

A comprehensive bipolar disorder treatment program has two goals. Dealing with symptoms as they occur is the first goal. Stopping symptoms from returning and interfering with a person’s ability to function is the second goal.

The bipolar disorder treatment plan that meets these goals has multiple components such as:

  • Education – to know the difference between symptoms and a person’s true self. The person uses this knowledge to manage symptoms and prevent complications.
  • Lifestyle management – to regulate their lifestyle and keep symptoms and mood swings to a minimum. In addition to having a regular sleep schedule; eating mood-boosting foods, minimizing stress and avoiding drugs or alcohol helps with symptoms.
  • Medication – is the cornerstone of treating bipolar disorder. Mood stabilizing medications can keep symptoms under control and minimize high and low episodes.
  • Psychotherapy – to deal with the disorder and problems it produced in a person’s life. In time, therapy can help to repair relationships and teach everyone involved how to cope with uncomfortable feelings.
  • Support system – to keep a person motivated while living with this challenging condition. Turning to support groups and loved ones is invaluable.

Find the Support You Need at Pillars Recovery

Pillars Recovery helps young men and women like you with an individualized bipolar disorder treatment program. We fully assess your condition at our state-of-the-art center. Our trained professionals also check for co-occurring disorders that can interfere with your wellness. In any case, a treatment program will be designed solely for your needs.

We help you manage the ups and downs of bipolar disorder with effective treatments. Our wide range of evidence-based and alternative therapies include:

Bipolar disorder should not deprive you of a balanced and fulfilling life. There is a better way to keep symptoms under control. Find a dual diagnosis treatment center Orange County CA residents trust. Call Pillars Recovery today at 866.782.0247 to get appropriate treatment and learn healthy coping skills for a brighter future.