Prescription Xanax helps to alleviate symptoms from anxiety when a person takes it properly. However, taking it outside the recommendations of their doctor makes abuse a serious factor. They will need Xanax detox to overcome the mind and mood-altering effects.

Furthermore, taking Xanax without a prescribed reason for doing so causes serious problems. Long-term abuse can lead to addiction when a chemical dependency goes untreated. Fortunately, finding a Xanax addiction treatment center will help you take back your freedom.

Reasons to Consider Xanax Detox

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Without treatment, abusing Xanax can have harmful effects on a person. It can disrupt their life in many ways. Meaningful relationships often take a backseat to the drive for obtaining more Xanax. In some cases, a person will see the demise of those relationships before getting help.

Job performance also suffers and could lead to unemployment. This raises financial struggles that are hard to overcome. Any money a person manages to have goes to feed their addiction.

Additionally, overdosing is an ever-present possibility without help from a Xanax detox center. Other health concerns include seizures, migraines, and gastrointestinal problems. For these reasons, a person’s best chance of combating their addiction is finding an Orange County addiction detox program.

The Process of Xanax Detox

Quitting cold-turkey is a courageous, but dangerous, feat. Suddenly stopping Xanax causes a shock to the person’s system. This can trigger reactions that affect their health.

Seizures and flu-like symptoms can endanger a person’s life. Tapered use is usually the best approach even in a Xanax detox center. Under medical supervision, tapering off this drug can last for several weeks.

It is difficult to predict the combination of symptoms a person experiences. As their body rids itself of Xanax, they go through physical and psychological disturbances. Managing these symptoms in a medical detox environment helps to control the extent of their pain.

Often, this involves administering anti-anxiety drugs to ease the withdrawal process. During a quality addiction treatment program, trained addiction staff considers a person’s full medical history. Close monitoring of a drug regimen during Xanax detox also minimizes risks.

Withdrawal Symptoms During Xanax Detox

Detox is a critical part of recovering from a Xanax addiction. A person typically views this as an important turning point. They may recognize that going to a Xanax detox center is the beginning of an unpleasant experience. But, they also know the benefits can be life-changing.

During withdrawal, a person experiences many symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Blurred vision
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Panic
  • Paranoia

Withdrawal symptoms may begin within hours after the last dose of Xanax. Most symptoms become more severe between the first and fourth days of detoxification.

Helpful Remedies for Withdrawing from Xanax

In addition to medications, there are other coping methods for withdrawing from Xanax. One detoxing remedy is meditation therapy for addiction. A person may find that practicing mindfulness significantly reduces depression and anxiety.

The wide range of emotions experienced during Xanax detox makes counseling important for healing. This gives a person a chance to discuss their experiences with a qualified therapist.

Additionally, it is not unusual for a Xanax addiction treatment center to offer exercise therapy. Regular exercise throughout detox can prompt the brain to release endorphins. It can also combat the lethargy associated with symptoms of withdrawal.

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