The crack addiction treatment process can be difficult both physically and mentally. Choosing a quality crack addiction treatment center in California like Pillars Recovery in Orange County can make things easier. A cocaine addiction treatment center California helps ease you through the coming trials of recovery by mitigating withdrawal symptoms and aiding your resolve to quit using.

How Treatment Spurs Recovery

female patient works in therapy at crack addiction treatment center in california

Those struggling with a crack cocaine addiction have typically gotten used to being around others with the same issue. This is one reason why quitting alone is generally very difficult. Not only are withdrawal symptoms and cravings hard to manage, but being surrounded by acceptance and enabling hinders recovery. During crack addiction treatment center in California, the atmosphere of recovery helps you to heal.

One of the first and most important steps towards recovery is through detox. On-site detox at Pillars Recovery helps remove the physical effect of the drug from your body. Crack addiction is difficult to overcome due to the severity of the crash from the high. Withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and depressing as well as punctuated by cravings. Such symptoms can last as long as several weeks. Because of this, most people who attempt to get free of crack alone end up relapsing. Some withdrawal symptoms of crack include:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Nightmares
  • Cravings

Crack Addiction Treatment Aspects

At a crack addiction treatment center in California like Pillars Recovery, a number of methods are used to treat addiction to crack. As previously mentioned, treatment begins by severing the physical hold of crack through detox. It’s very difficult to simply stop using crack, and sometimes stopping cold turkey can even be dangerous. Detox may last around a week and then the real work begins of addressing the psychological damage. Both inpatient and transitional living programs can aid recovery through group therapy, behavioral therapy, and 12-step programs. The focus is on developing better coping skills and finding underlying issues that led to the crack addiction. This includes recognizing triggers for using the drug and assessing social ties to people who enable addictive behavior. At the same time, you also connect with positive peer groups to help secure recovery and prevent relapse.

Why Seek Crack Addiction Treatment?

Being addicted to crack is not an easy thing. Users experience manic bursts of energy and rapid stimulation. They may be agitated, unable to eat, or eating too much, experience mood swings or violent outbursts. When the dose of crack wears off, they feel crashing fatigue and may immediately fall asleep and stay that way for hours or even days. Performance at school and work start to suffer as the user is completely dedicated to using crack. If they stop using, then they begin to experience severe depression and thoughts of suicide. With crack addiction treatment, it’s possible to counter this exhausting cycle of abuse.

Finding Quality Crack Addiction Treatment Center in California

Pillars Recovery in Orange County, California, offers two locations for treatment. Laguna Beach offers treatment for women only while Newport Beach offers treatment for men only. Gender separation in addiction treatment creates a more comfortable environment for patients to interact in their peer groups. Pillars Recovery offers a number of substance abuse treatment for those dealing with crack addiction or other addictions. Pillars Recovery features a number of treatment programs, including:

Overcome your addiction in a beach location through crack addiction treatment at Pillars Recovery. Call 866.782.0247 today to find out more about starting the road to recovery.