Regarding addictive drugs, people typically think of the ones that the media brings up on a regular basis. These substances include heroin, cocaine, meth, and other opioids. While marijuana is also addictive, people don’t consider it to be dangerous. Believe it or not, many people need marijuana addiction treatment.

What Is Marijuana?

First, let’s clarify what marijuana is and how it works. This drug has many names, including pot, weed, and cannabis. It comes from the dried leaves of the Cannabis sativa or indica plant. While most people smoke the dried leaves to get high, others add the leaves to baked goods or tea.

However, what is it about weed that makes people high? After all, don’t they just smoke the leaves? While it’s true that they smoke dried leaves and flowers, the plant itself contains THC. This mind-altering chemical produces the “high” that they experience.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

In short, marijuana is an addictive drug. While it’s not as addictive as extreme drugs such as heroin or cocaine, it can still cause addiction with regular use. Marijuana addiction treatment exists for this reason.

With substance use disorder, people are unable to stop using the drug in question. The most severe level of substance use disorder is an addiction.

Of course, substances other than pot can cause addiction. For example, it’s possible for people to suffer from caffeine addiction if they drink too much coffee or soda. As a result, it’s not too hard to believe that they can develop addictions to weed as well.

Finding a marijuana addiction treatment center California is the best course of action. Such a facility can help people overcome weed use disorder. It can also help people get to the root cause of pot addiction.

The Source of Addiction

In general, people don’t choose to develop addictions. It’s a disease that grows over time. What most people don’t know is that addiction typically stems from an underlying cause. Marijuana addiction treatment programs help them determine their underlying cause.

The most common one, however, is another mental illness. Sometimes people don’t even know that they suffer from a mental health disorder. When such problems go undiagnosed, though, people look for a way to feel normal. More often than not, they use alcohol, weed or other drugs to cover up the symptoms of the underlying disorder.

For that reason, they need the best marijuana addiction treatment center California can provide. It can help them uncover underlying mental disorders and determine the real cause of drug abuse. In some cases, trauma, pain, and stress are the source of the problem.

Let Pillars Recovery Help You Overcome Pot Addiction

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