Your slip into prescription drug abuse was slow. It started with a legitimate doctor’s order, or maybe a friend turned you on to some pills. Eventually, you started taking the medications in an off-label way. Prescription drug addiction treatment at Pillars Recovery can help you stop the chemical dependency you now struggle with.

Do You Need Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment?

prescription drug addiction treatment center california pillars recovery centerWhen talking about prescription abuse, most people immediately think about opioid painkillers. At the Pillars Recovery prescription drug addiction treatment center California locals trust, we frequently see clients with this condition. They typically started taking the medication the way a doctor prescribed it. Somewhere along the way, they developed a chemical dependency.

However, prescription painkiller addiction treatment isn’t the only need our clients have. Some also fall victim to stimulants. Examples include so-called smart drugs like Ritalin or Adderall. Another group of prescriptions with an abuse potential consists of nervous system depressants.

These may include benzos that you might take for anxiety. Others receive the prescriptions for insomnia. That said, the most common reason for prescription drug addiction treatment is a dependency on opioids. Besides that, there may be polysubstance abuse issues involving these drugs as well as alcohol.

How to Deal with an Addiction to Painkillers

Off-label use of pain pills may involve snorting or injecting the drugs. You’re chasing the euphoric high. Similarly, you take regular overdoses. Because one doctor may not write enough scripts to meet your needs, you may buy the pills elsewhere.

It scares you that you’re going to such great lengths to secure the drugs you now need. You might try cutting back. We routinely see people at our prescription drug addiction treatment center California relies on when they can’t quit. It worries them that they’re powerless to stop a habit they thought was under their control.

Beginning Treatment

Prescription drug addiction treatment takes on multiple steps. It starts with an assessment of the dependency’s extent. This step assures that you receive the customized treatment you need to quit using. Next, you ease into therapy with a medically supervised detoxification.

In the process, you break the physiological addiction. Medical experts prevent painful withdrawal symptoms. Similarly, they help you overcome cravings. Therefore, you continue with the healing process until your body no longer believes it needs the prescriptions to survive.

If you enroll in a prescription painkiller addiction treatment program, a second component focuses on holistic pain management. People who started taking opioids for pain relief still need help managing discomfort. Pillars Recovery introduces you to non-opioid means of handling the discomfort you struggle with.

Furthermore, some of the modalities of drug addiction treatment may also assist with that. Examples include:

  • Behavioral therapy that lets you pinpoint areas of dysfunction and supplant them with healthy trigger responses
  • Psychotherapy, which introduces care of co-occurring mental health disorders that contribute to pill abuse or psychosomatic pain
  • Family counseling as a way to deal with codependency, communication issues, and role disparities
  • Experiential therapies that explore non-verbal ways of communicating feelings and thoughts
  • Holistic care that supports prescription painkiller addiction treatment with alternative ways of managing discomfort

It’s noteworthy that prescription drug addiction treatment for other types of medication may start with a similar approach. Typically, all substance abuse treatment programs begin with an addiction detox program and withdrawal management. Customization and ongoing assessments determine the right course of action for your individual needs.

There’s Never a Bad Time to Get Help

Pillars Recovery is the prescription drug addiction treatment center California talks about. It features an intensive detox, rehab, and aftercare setup. Don’t wait until the New Year or some other time to go after healing. Finally, begin your prescription drug addiction treatment today by calling 866-782-0247 now.