Codeine is a prescription opioid to manage pain. Combined with ibuprofen, it also reduces fevers and acts as an anti-inflammatory drug. Beyond medicinal uses, codeine is also abuse. This can lead to dependency and addiction. A person will need codeine addiction treatment to get better.

Using codeine longer than the intended timeframe puts a person at significant risk of addiction. Their desire to feel the effects of this drug causes them to exceed prescribed amounts. Recognizing the warning signs of addiction is the first step to getting help. Finding a chronic pain treatment center is the next step towards taking back control over your future.

Signs Someone Needs Codeine Addiction Treatment

group therapy occurs at cocaine addiction treatment center in californiaIt can be challenging to tell when a person is addicted to codeine. Typically, they start out using codeine under a doctor’s care. In some situations, they are not even aware that they are developing a dependence on the drug. Long-term use increases their risk of addiction.

The path to addiction varies from person to person. However, there are key characteristics that most people share. One common sign, in particular, is tolerance. A person can build a tolerance to the effects of codeine relatively quickly.

They need to take increased doses to feel the original effects. This leads to another characteristic, which is a preoccupation with getting more codeine. A person becomes fixated on obtaining more codeine.

As a result, they become noticeably angry and frustrated when they cannot get more codeine. They struggle with this even though they do not have a medical need for it.

Their compulsive use drives them to go to extreme lengths to get a prescription. For instance, a person may begin using different pharmacies or see different doctors.

Withdrawal symptoms are a hallmark of dependence and addiction to codeine.  When these withdrawals become serious or increase the risk of relapse, seeking professional addiction treatment program may be necessary. When a prescription runs out or a person simply cannot get more codeine, they have withdrawals such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Stomach cramps
  • Muscle spasms
  • Chills and goosebumps
  • Suicidal thoughts

The Purpose of Codeine Addiction Treatment

The best way to manage these symptoms is at a codeine addiction treatment center in California. Opiate detox in a supervised environment ensures the safe removal of all traces of codeine from the body.

Additionally, codeine addiction treatment at a recovery facility provides a chance for comprehensive care. Addiction specialists can also treat the psychological aspects of a person’s addiction.

In this way, a person understands the underlying reasons they became addicted. Once armed with this knowledge, they can change destructive behavior and thought patterns. Doing so improves their chances of not relapsing after their treatment ends.

What Happens at a California Addiction Treatment Center?

There is usually a multi-step process for entering a codeine addiction treatment facility. An intake assessment is the first step. This helps with determining the extent and nature of the addiction. Detox follows to give a person a clean break from the physical dependence on the drug.

Next, they begin rehabilitation through individual and group therapies. A personalized treatment plan determines specific counseling needs. Aftercare planning ensures a person continues to receive recovery support once they leave the treatment center.

Program Options for Codeine Addiction Treatment

For the person battling a codeine addiction, constant care is usually their best option. Typically, a residential codeine addiction treatment center California provides the highest chance of recovery.

Residential treatment provides medically managed care to ease stressful withdrawal symptoms. Also, this type of treatment makes it easier to transition to the next level of care. Residential rehab offers a combination of programs and services such as:

Why Choose Pillars Recovery?

Pillars Recovery can help you begin your journey to sobriety. Our chronic pain treatment center provides a triple diagnosis. This ensures we treat your pain, addiction, and any mental health disorder.

When you come to us, you will realize how codeine has cheated you from a productive and successful life. Get quality care today by calling 866.782.0247.