Doctors regularly prescribe Percocet to help people manage pain. While many users have no problems stopping Percocet, others develop a dependency on the drug. Percocet addictions may linger long after the source of your pain is gone, and may require professional rehab in order to beat. Here’s how to tell if you or a loved one needs Percocet addiction treatment.

What is Percocet?

percocet addiction treatment center californiaPercocet is an opioid medication used to treat moderately severe pain. It consists of two main ingredients: oxycodone hydrochloride and acetaminophen. Considered an opioid, Percocet belongs to a class of drugs known as narcotic analgesics, which are generally prescribed as pain relievers.

Often referred to as oxycodone, users can develop a dependency to the drug over time. When this happens, they will require higher or more frequent doses to achieve the same results. A common reason people visit a Percocet addiction treatment center in California is to help them beat oxycodone addiction.

Factors that Lead to Addiction

Taking the drug for long periods of time increases the odds of dependency. However, other factors can also play a role, including:

  • A history of mental illness
  • Previous substance abuse
  • Impulsiveness

Some people have an experimental nature when it comes to drugs and alcohol. These individuals may try Percocet just to see what it feels like. Many will find themselves addicted after only a few such instances. Some will even engage in risky behavior to obtain Percocet, particularly if they were not the one who was prescribed that drug in the first place.

Signs of a Percocet Addiction

Those dependent on Percocet often display a lack of focus and concentration. They may have problems completing everyday tasks because thoughts of Percocet use consume them. Some will withdraw from others socially and display little interest in things they once enjoyed.

Anyone in need of Percocet addiction treatment will also display certain physical signs. Individuals often have difficulty sleeping, and suffer exhaustion and fatigue as a result. Poor balance and declining motor skills could also happen after excessive Percocet use.

Anger, aggression, and mood swings may occur when users do not take Percocet. Severe withdrawal symptoms are uncommon and require professional help from a Percocet addiction treatment center in California to manage.

What to Expect During Percocet Addiction Treatment

Detox is the first step in any recovery program. At our opioid detox center, you will learn to overcome your cravings and deal with the withdrawal symptoms that follow. Medical professionals monitor you at all times, ensuring your detox is safe and as comfortable as possible.

Following medical detox, we admit women to the facility at Laguna Beach, while men go to the center in Newport Beach. Gender-segregated rehab allows us to provide more personalized care since addiction affects men and women differently. Studies also show that men and women feel more comfortable talking about their problems during group therapy sessions when they are surrounded by others of their own sex.

Percocet addiction treatment involves more than just detox and group counseling. A few of our other programs include:

Don’t let your life hit rock bottom before seeking Percocet addiction treatment. The sooner you contact us, the faster you can achieve sobriety.

Get Help from a Quality Rehab Center

Don’t struggle with Percocet dependency on your own. Reach out to Pillars Recovery, a reputable Percocet addiction treatment center in California. Contact us today at 866-782-0247 and take the first step toward getting your old life back again.