Massage therapy has become an essential part of most addiction recovery plans. Every day, more people learn the important role that it plays in overcoming addiction. The reason is that the benefits go well beyond physical relief to include mental wellness. With more information about massage, people with addiction may be more likely to seek it out during rehab.

Massage Can Reduce Stress

Stress is a common problem for people who struggle with addiction. As a result, one of the main goals of a rehab center is to find ways to reduce stress. Studies show that massage is an effective way to achieve that. Getting a massage puts people in a relaxed state of mind, which melts stress away.

Reducing stress helps the body in other ways too. For example, it boosts the immune system, so people with lower stress levels get sick less often. Because of addiction, people’s immune systems are at an all-time low. For that reason, boosting the immune system is important during recovery.

Massage Therapy for Addiction Reduces Physical Pain

Massage therapy does way more than reduce stress. It can also ease physical pain. In fact, many rehab centers use massage for natural pain relief. Relieving pain naturally is important for people who struggle with addiction because they can’t rely on drugs.

However, how does a massage reduce pain? One way is by promoting muscle relaxation. Often, pain comes from tense muscles. Massaging these muscles improves flexibility and relieves pain.

Massage therapy also improves circulation in the body. Increasing blood flow can help the body recover more naturally. With massage, people can overcome some injuries much faster.

Also, studies show that having a massage can improve posture. Improving posture is important because poor posture often leads to more pain. In fact, poor posture is a common cause of injuries that people suffer on a daily basis.

In fact, Americans suffer from poor posture issues more so than those in other countries. With massage therapy, people can get their bodies back in proper alignment. As a result, they experience less pain and feel more relaxed throughout the day.

Using Massage Therapy in Conjunction With Traditional Rehab

It’s important to note that massage therapy for addiction doesn’t work on its own. This holistic treatment works best as a complement to traditional services. For example, people still need to engage in individual and group therapies.

Another reason why people need traditional rehab is that massage isn’t much help with co-occurring disorders. While it might reduce some symptoms, it won’t address the root cause of these conditions. Dealing with the source is when more traditional methods come into play.

Pillars Recovery Wants to Help You Recover From Pain Naturally

At Pillars Recovery, we use massage therapy for addiction to help people recover from pain naturally. We want to provide ways that you can manage your pain without having to take prescription opioids. Also, getting a massage is something that you can do even after you leave our rehab facility. Because of that, you can continue to manage your pain effectively during recovery.

Of course, Pillars Recovery offers more than just massage therapy. We have many other programs and services to aid your journey toward a drug-free life. A few of these include:

Let us help you relax during addiction rehab with massage therapy. Experience how this therapeutic service can boost your health both mentally and physically. Reach out to Pillars Recovery today at 866-782-0247 to start your path to sobriety.