As marijuana finds increasing acceptance in mainstream American culture, the risks of marijuana addiction should not be overlooked. Marijuana may not pose as much danger as other drugs, but it still can be problematic for some people. For these people, marijuana becomes a physical need. Therefore, the body faces withdrawal symptoms when denied the drug. This can create many problems in someone’s life, destroying relationships, sabotaging jobs and draining finances. Fortunately, marijuana detox is available. Marijuana detox can help you kick your addiction and regain control of your life.

Marijuana Detox: What to Expect

marijuana detox centerDetoxing from any substance will affect each person differently. Everyone’s body is different, which means the body’s dependence on the drug manifests differently as well. With marijuana, many people suffer from insomnia and depression. Some people also report more dreams that are vivid or scary. Sweating, headaches and other physical symptoms may also occur during marijuana detox. Because marijuana stores in your fat cells, it takes longer to get out of your system. This can make the detox period even longer, making it that much harder for people to fully kick their marijuana habit, especially if other substances, such as Opiates, are at play. If this is the case, an Opiate Detox Center may be necessary.

The Advantage of a Marijuana Detox Center

Given the range of symptoms related to marijuana detox, professional support is usually recommended. The physical symptoms can cause certain complications that require medical help. Some medications can minimize the impact of the symptoms. Moreover, psychological support may improve your ability to make it through some of the more trying emotional symptoms.

The risk of relapse is very real throughout withdrawal, and people who have trained professionals on hand to help tend to have a better outcome than those who do it on their own. Therefore, going through the experience at a marijuana detox center is safer and more productive than other alternatives.

What Happens at a Marijuana Detox Center

When you check into a detox center for marijuana, you can expect a number of things. The first step in the process is an assessment. Trained staff will look at your case and decide the best course of treatment. Then, medical detox will begin.

In most cases, detox requires individualized care. Generally, everyone responds differently and experiences their own unique symptoms. This individualization is one reason why a detox center matters. Trained staff can respond appropriately to your situation as your symptoms develop and change.

Furthermore, as your body begins to adjust to withdrawal, other therapies will start. These therapies will target the psychological factors that go into addiction. The ultimate goal is to identify negative triggers and to build better coping techniques going forward.

Choosing Your Treatment Center in Orange County

For a marijuana addiction treatment center, be sure to consider Pillars Recovery. Pillars Recovery has two locations in Orange County. The Laguna Beach facility caters to women while men can visit the facility in Newport Beach. Clients at Pillars Recovery can expect highly personalized care with an individualized treatment plan for their specific lifestyle goals. For the best support, Pillars Recovery offers comprehensive clinical services. These services can include:

Clients can choose Pillars Recovery for on-site marijuana detox, residential treatment, and transitional living. This means that people can find support at all points of the process. Additionally, clients can build the right treatment program for their personal needs. Finally, marijuana does not have to control your life any longer. Instead, you can get the help you need to reclaim your life. Your road to recovery can start today if you learn more by calling Pillars Recovery at 866-782-0247.