If you’ve been dealing with an addiction to cocaine, then you’ve probably attempted to quit several times without success. The good news is that you’re not alone. It’s typically challenging to stop using cocaine without help. However, that’s where a quality cocaine detox at Pillars Recovery in Orange County, California comes in.

Why It’s Hard to Quit Without Cocaine Detox

cocaine detox centerBefore looking at how a cocaine detox center can help you quit, it makes sense to understand how cocaine works to entrap you in the cycle of addiction. As with most addictive drugs, cocaine chemicals trigger your brain’s reward system and the release of dopamine, which functions as a pleasure neurotransmitter. This situation is even more significant when there are other issues at play, such as tramadol addiction.

Natural things like good food, exercise, and fun hobbies trigger dopamine naturally and promote a feeling of contentment and happiness. However, cocaine triggers dopamine in an artificial manner, which prevents re-absorption and creates a flash of euphoria instead of the longer-lasting warm glow of natural dopamine.

The euphoria doesn’t last long, but its intensity causes you to want to experience it again, so you take the drug again and again to keep the high going. This constant use rewires the dopamine system in your brain and causes a dependence. This dependence makes the presence of cocaine necessary to achieve a dopamine response.

How Cocaine Detox Helps You Get Free of Addiction

Dependence makes cocaine very difficult to stop using. Your brain’s reward system craves the dopamine release and the only way to get it is by using more cocaine. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms bring users back to cocaine whenever they try to quit. However, medically supervised detox pulls you out of that cycle of trying to stop and failing. It takes you out of the situation where cocaine is easy to come by and helps mitigate your withdrawal symptoms.

Not everyone’s cocaine detox experience takes the same amount of time. Some people can get through in less than five days while others may need as much as a few weeks. Cocaine detox time depends on your overall health, how much cocaine you typically used and how long you used it. Generally speaking, longer and harder cocaine users need more time to detox than those who have only used for a short time.

The hardest part of quitting cocaine tends to be withdrawal symptoms and cravings. A cocaine detox center helps you deal with both. Once your body is free from the adverse effects of cocaine, you can pursue further treatment of addiction.

Cocaine Detox Withdrawal Timeline and Treatment

In the first stages of cocaine withdrawal, you might feel depressed, irritated and unusually hungry. Drug cravings are the strongest in the first few days. After that, the physical cravings start to decrease, but psychological withdrawal symptoms start to ramp up.

Many people feel depressed, anxious, paranoid and even suicidal. Also, the temptation to bring cocaine back into your life becomes stronger. In a medical cocaine detox setting at Pillars Recovery, therapists help mitigate these withdrawal symptoms and allow you to move onto further treatments such as:

Pillars Recovery offers two convenient locations for your recovery, including a women’s center in Laguna Beach and a men’s center in Newport Beach. Both locations offer a cocaine addiction treatment center.

Stop cocaine addiction from controlling your life. Find the strength to overcome your addiction with the help of a quality drug rehab and cocaine detox center like Pillars Recovery in California. Give us a call today at 866-782-0247 to find out how to recover your life.