OxyContin is a powerful prescription drug that people take for pain management. As much as this medication helps, it also hurts those who become addicted. The high potential for abuse and addiction means OxyContin addiction treatment is necessary.

It takes just a few weeks for a person to develop an increased tolerance to OxyContin. Of course, their physical and emotional dependence becomes evident to the people around them. An OxyContin addiction treatment center in California targets the person’s unique needs for recovery.

Treatment starts with supervised detoxification. The next step is an assessment to determine a personalized plan for recovery goals. Ongoing therapy and support also help to ensure lasting sobriety.

How an Addiction to OxyContin Begins

sad man in therapy an an oxycontin addiction treatment center in californiaThe journey of addiction begins long before a person enters an OxyContin addiction treatment center in California. A visit to the doctor who prescribes this effective painkiller is often the start. Of course, it’s normal to want relief for serious pain.

Soon, that sense of normalcy does not exist without OxyContin. A person continues taking the drug long after their pain subsides. Their fear of feeling constant discomfort again may keep them from treatment.

A professional detox team can help them get through the withdrawal process. Compassionate treatment ensures the person does not suffer too much.

Withdrawal Symptoms of OxyContin

Symptoms from OxyContin withdrawal range from mild to severe. The level of discomfort depends on how long and how much drug was taken. Withdrawal symptoms can begin six hours after the last use. It could also take 30 hours before early symptoms begin.

Some early and later stage symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal include:

  • Agitation
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Goosebumps
  • Muscle aches
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea and vomiting

These symptoms are very uncomfortable but do not represent the biggest danger. The withdrawal process reduces a person’s tolerance for OxyContin. A small dose increases the risk of overdosing if they start taking the drug again.

Goals for Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Primary goals for OxyContin addiction treatment are pretty straightforward. Each person’s experience is different, so specific goals will vary with each situation. Detox removes the drug from a person’s body. Therefore, managing withdrawal symptoms becomes the first goal.

Medical support for a person fighting addiction is crucial to minimize urges to use. Therapeutic support as the person learns to live sober again rounds out goals at a treatment facility. They have access to a full spectrum of addiction recovery services as their journey continues.

What Treatment Looks Like for an OxyContin Addiction

Of course, medical detox is the first step at an OxyContin addiction treatment center in California. Removing physical dependence clears the path. A person begins to focus on self-care. They also address issues that may have led to their addiction.

Addiction treatment specialists offer support. Time spent in rehab allows the person to explore a range of issues. It is also possible that the roots of childhood trauma impact their current life. Thus, therapy sessions give them a chance to take their life back.

Start a New Journey

Begin OxyContin addiction treatment at Pillars Recovery. Our beautiful beachside locations provide a peaceful space for holistic healing. Furthermore, we combine clinical care, evidence-based therapy, and peer support to help you defeat addiction.

A personalized plan ensures you get the treatment needed for a full recovery. Pillars Recovery addresses all aspects of your addiction through treatments such as:

Finally, it’s not too late for recovery. You deserve to get your life back. Let us help you with the first step and everything that follows. When you’re ready to begin recovery, find out more about how our painkiller addiction treatment center can help by calling 8667820247.