We believe that the expense of treatment should not prevent you from receiving care at a top, accredited treatment center.

couple biking on beach residential treatment pillars recoveryThe expense of addiction treatment should not be prohibitive, nor should it prevent you from gaining admission to a top, accredited rehab center. This is why Pillars Recovery accepts several different options for insurance coverage and payment for drug and alcohol treatment.

All licensed treatment centers must employ highly trained doctors and medical professionals to treat addiction. The service and treatment delivered makes it prohibitively expensive for those without financial support. We work with everyone to ensure that we can help as many people as possible.

With advances in treatment and technology, we hold high hope that the cost of addiction treatment will come down in the future. Few addicts are actually receiving the help they need to live successful lives in long-term recovery. In the meantime, we strive to provide quality, luxury treatment to as many people as possible at an affordable cost.

Cost of Treatment at Pillars Recovery

Pillars Recovery offers a wide variety of treatment options to fit almost any need or budgetary concern. Because of this, its very difficult to gauge the cost of treatment. Paying for rehab is often very different from person to person, depending on their specific needs.

For those who do not have insurance coverage for addiction treatment, we offer low-cost programs, cash-pay discounts, and financing options. Our admissions department is very experienced and skilled at helping people overcome financial barriers to treatment.

Health Insurance Coverage

Please fill out the insurance verification form to verify your insurance benefits. If you have questions about the providers we partner with or how to get your insurance to pay for addiction treatment, contact Pillars Recovery at 866-793-8302.