Drug addiction isn’t just a problem with which adults struggle. It can happen to anyone who uses drugs. In fact, studies show that young adults are more likely to struggle with substance abuse than adults. Unfortunately, not enough people seek rehab for young adults, so they continue to abuse drugs into adulthood.

Why Do Young Adults Abuse Drugs in the First Place?

rehab for young adults addiction treatment for young adults young adult rehabWhy does anyone abuse drugs or require the aid of executive rehab programs? Sometimes, young adults start taking drugs to fit in with their friends. After all, it’s common for people to engage in drug use in college. Even if it’s just alcohol, nearly every young adult experiments with drugs in some way during their university years.

With that said, not all young adults struggle with addiction after they try drugs for the first time. Studies show that certain genes make people more likely to develop drug addiction than those who don’t have them. They’re more likely to need rehab for young adults when they experiment with drugs and alcohol.

Another reason why so many young adults try drugs is because of stress. At this young age, society asks for a lot. Many young adults have to manage going to college while maintaining a job. On top of this, they want to have some kind of social lives.

This stress leads to the development of drug addiction. Thankfully, addiction treatment for young adults can help. However, it’s up to them or their family members to get them the help that they need.

How Does Substance Abuse Affect Young Adults?

It’s clear that rehab for young adults can help those who develop substance abuse problems at a young age. However, what about those who don’t seek help? What kind of problems do substance abuse and addiction cause?

Studies have linked substance abuse to problems at home, work, and school for young adults. In fact, over 30 percent of all of their problems link to substance abuse in some way. Abusing drugs leads to conflicts with parents, friends, and college professors. Early rehab for young adults can prevent these problems from developing.

People who don’t seek young adult rehab are more likely to suffer poor grades. They’re also more likely to lose their jobs or end up in the hospital. They can link most of these issues to the poor choices that they make while under the influence.

At the same time, teens who abuse drugs are more likely to have mental health problems than those who don’t. The chances of developing a mental disorder increase the longer they go without addiction treatment for young adults.

However, why do young adults develop mental health problems from abusing drugs? In a nutshell, the brain has a higher chance of developing a mental health issue if it already has one. Addiction is a mental condition that opens the door for other disorders to develop.

Pillars Recovery Offers Rehab for Young Adults

Are you in the need of a young adult rehab program? If so, you can count on Pillars Recovery to provide the tools and information that you need. We focus on providing addiction treatment for young adults. A few of the programs and services that we provide include:

Proper treatment for addiction can start at a young age. The sooner that people seek young adult rehab, the better chance they have of overcoming substance use.

Don’t wait to start your drug abuse treatment. Stop drug abuse early with rehab for young adults. Reach out to Pillars Recovery at 866-782-0247 to learn more about what we can offer.