When chemical dependency gets out of hand, an inpatient treatment program could be the solution. Pillars Recovery therapists understand your struggle. They leverage evidence-based modalities and holistic treatments to assist with your long-term recovery. Here’s how it works.

You Begin Recovery with Medical Detox

two women speaking in an inpatient treatment program in orange county caOur residential treatment program starts with detoxification. During this process, you withdraw from the drug or alcohol that snared you. Rather than suffering through cold turkey withdrawal at home with its early relapse dangers, you withdraw in comfort. Consistent medical monitoring lets experts step in when you experience pain or physiological symptoms that jeopardize your wellbeing.

The Pillars Recovery inpatient treatment program in Orange County CA emphasizes comfort and safety. Typically, it takes about a week to finish the withdrawal. At the end of this time, your body no longer signals a need for the substance to survive. Therefore, you’re now ready to begin the clinical aspect of treatment.

Evidence-Based Practices Make up the Clinical Care Component of the Inpatient Treatment Program

As you move over to the rehab portion of care, you focus on the psychological addiction. Doing so protects you against future relapse. Similarly, it helps you understand what caused you to start using in the first place. Therapists use several different modalities to help you gain a better understanding of your triggers.

Examples include:

  • Psychotherapy, which provides individualized one-on-one interactions with a therapist
  • Group therapy as a way to interact with peers, receive feedback, and overcome self-isolation
  • Family counseling that seeks to repair strained relationships and reopens avenues of communication
  • Recreational therapy as a way to have sober fun, explore new hobbies and socialize while building self-confidence
  • Holistic wellness programs such as acupuncture and massage therapy that allow for whole-person healing

Because therapists customize your care experience, they focus on your unique needs. For example, some people experience chronic pain, which is a trigger for chemical dependency. Others struggle with underlying mental health conditions. By teaching you to manage them, you remove a significant stressor.

Participation in an inpatient treatment program isn’t dreary. Because there’s a lot of hard work, there must also be some fun. Many people entering rehab need to relearn how to enjoy life without reaching for a substance. Recreational therapy and similar experiences assist with this step.

The Pillars Recovery inpatient treatment program in Orange County CA capitalizes on the natural surroundings for these experiences. There, you recover close to the ocean. It provides you with opportunities for jet skiing, whale watching, and so much more. Similarly, the serene setting is ideal for relaxation.

What Happens after Treatment?

Inpatient treatment program participation points you toward recovery. It gives you the tools you need to live a drug-free life. Most importantly, it teaches you healthy ways of reacting to stressors. However, recovery is a long-term process.

That’s why the Pillars Recovery inpatient treatment program in Orange County CA also offers an aftercare program. The goal is a smooth transition from the inpatient treatment program to independent living. This step looks different for everyone. A step-down in care is typically the best option.

It provides access to many of the amenities and treatments you currently enjoy. That said, it lets you experience life outside of the facility. If you encounter triggers you don’t know how to handle, you bring it up with a therapist. This safety net is invaluable for recovery.

Make Today the Day That Changes the Rest of Your Life

You don’t have to continue suffering from chemical dependency. Enroll in the Pillars Recovery inpatient treatment program by connecting with an intake advisor today. Dial 8667820247 now.