When people seek substance abuse treatment, most of them look for a traditional approach. It’s a tried-and-true method for helping people overcome addiction. With that said, a holistic approach has a lot to offer as well. In conjunction with a traditional approach, it can help people recover from addiction faster and safer.

What Do Rehab Centers Mean When They Refer to Holistic Treatment?

holistic approach pillars recoveryIt’s easy to discount a holistic approach to treatment as nothing more than unproven techniques. However, a lot more goes into holistic treatment than people think. In fact, holistic care refers merely to a recovery style that focuses on healing the whole body. It’s different from other treatment styles that focus on the physical body or the mind.

With that said, a holistic approach to addiction treatment includes many unique services. A majority of them emphasize reducing stress or relieving pain in natural ways. Addressing these two areas is important because they’re both chief areas of concern for people who struggle with addiction.

Which Services Fall Under the Holistic Approach?

The services that fall under the umbrella of holistic treatment are vast. In truth, there are too many of them for any one rehab center to offer them all. For that reason, it’s important for people to find a facility that offers the services that they want the most. However, what are some of the best ones that they should look for?

A very popular holistic approach to addiction treatment is acupuncture. This old Eastern approach to medicine eliminates pain without using drugs. It focuses on using needles to trigger specific nerves in the body. Then, these nerves send signals for pain relief to the brain.

Of course, using needles to trigger this reaction also improves blood flow to the problem area. As a result, the body responds by accelerating its natural healing process. However, this service isn’t the only holistic treatment that improves blood flow.

Massage is another popular holistic approach that rehab centers offer. Once again, it focuses mostly on healing physical pain but can also reduce stress. Massage triggers pain relief through the use of increased blood flow. It’s a pain-relieving technique that people can continue even after rehab while controlling their levels of stress.

In addition, art therapy is a popular method that focuses on healing the mind. Unlike acupuncture and massage, art therapy is more of a mental aid rather than a physical one. By creating art, people can express themselves and develop better communication skills. Both of these are important when they learn how to overcome addiction.

Pillars Recovery Offers the Best of Both Worlds

At Pillars Recovery, we don’t just focus on one treatment style over the other. We offer several great programs that combine holistic and traditional methods for addiction recovery. We feel that a holistic approach to addiction treatment is an excellent aid to traditional therapy. For this reason, we encourage you to enjoy both.

Since we take a traditional and holistic approach to drug rehab, we create customized treatment plans. You’re different from our other clients and require a different combination of methods to get the most out of rehab. Some of the addiction therapy services that we offer at Pillars Recovery include:

Don’t settle for a rehab center that offers either holistic or traditional rehab. Find out more about what a holistic approach can offer you and how it can help you get over addiction faster. Call Pillars Recovery today at 866-782-0247 to find out more about a rehab center that offers both.