When your loved one struggles with a substance use disorder, it can be difficult to talk to them about getting help. Often, emotions and misconceptions can lead to miscommunication. Although you’re only trying to help, conversations can quickly escalate into arguments. An intervention specialist can facilitate these discussions and help families work toward recovery as a team.

What Is an Intervention Specialist?

Firstly, interventions are conversations where family members and friends sit down with a loved one to talk about something that is concerning them. Often, this concerning situation is a substance use disorder. During this conversation, loved ones share their feelings and concerns with the individual in the hope that they will recognize their problem and seek help.

Unfortunately, addiction is a complicated disease that affects everyone around an individual. Whether they know it or not, family members may have misconceptions or pent up feelings about the individual’s condition. In an unmediated environment, these feelings can come out in unhealthy ways that lead to unproductive conversations.

Conversely, an individual may fail to recognize their own addiction. Some people become very defensive about their substance use disorders, especially if they don’t see it as a problem. Denial will prevent the individual from recognizing the concerns of their loved ones.

An intervention specialist covers all of these bases. Their job is to act as the mediator between the loved ones and the individual with the addiction. An interventionist isn’t on anyone’s side and serves as an unbiased third party. However, they work to help everyone involved identify problems and reopen lines of communication. Ideally, an intervention specialist will help everyone involved learn improved communication skills and more fully understand one another so they can continue to communicate after the interventionist’s job is done.

About Bernie Kipp: The Best Intervention Specialist Orange County CA Offers

Pillars Recovery is proud to work with Bernie Kipp, a professional recovery life coach and the finest intervention specialist Orange County CA has to offer. He has several years of experience working with families to help them begin the recovery journey.

Kipp has traveled to work with families across the United States. Through these experiences, he has partnered with individuals and facilities around the country to find the best medical and financial solutions for families who are on the path to recovery.

Along with working as an intervention specialist, he has also developed highly successful programs for social acclamation, hospital outreach, and Family Dynamics.

Kipp’s passion for helping and guiding others comes from discoveries he made during his own experiences. This empathetic approach allows him to connect with others and guide them towards lasting recovery. Additionally, his goal is to facilitate the growth of a vast community that supports one another in the hopes of overcoming the global epidemic of addiction.

The Aspects of a High-Quality Interventionist

Kipp offers several services as an interventionist. Primarily, he helps families host interventions, but he plays many other roles during the recovery process. His full scope of work includes:

  • Interventions: Kipp acts as a mediator between families and the individual with the addiction. He helps them identify the problem and unite as a single team to face that problem. He also helps the family identify codependent behavior and establish boundaries.
  • Family Dynamics: Kipp has created successful Family Dynamics programs to help individuals better understand their roles in the family system. By educating themselves on their roles in the family, loved ones can avoid miscommunication and codependency while working towards a successful outcome.
  • Mediation: Although Kipp does not practice law, he acts as a mediator between loved ones and legal parties. Moving court dates, finding character witnesses, and approaching legal charges can be overwhelming for a family. Kipp has experience navigating the legal domain in a way that benefits his clients.
  • Advocacy: Through his experience as an intervention specialist, Kipp has a national professional network of treatment facilities. He can help families find a center that best suits their loved one’s needs. Furthermore, he can guide them through every step of the recovery process.
  • Sober Companion: When it’s time for an individual to make their way to a treatment facility or when they’re discharged, Kipp is there to support them. He can act as a sober companion during these delicate times and organize transportation to or from the facility.

Renewal and Healing with Pillars Recovery

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